Scaling your energy & aligning you with your healthiest state of being, by releasing every day fears and doubts and stepping into the boldest and most brilliant version of you

When we live out of balance with nature, our health declines & we feel dis-ease in our body & mind. We used cyclical living to re-align & step out of pain & into a life that is flourishing.


How it all started

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How the business began

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  • To fully support women

  • Through every cycle of their life

  • In a supportive community

  • Where it's safe to be authentic

  • And easy to be devoted to the healthy habits

  • That balance physical, mental & spiritual health

  • To share the love of plant medicines

  • That support our health and that of mother earth


  • Train our tribe to hold their own sacred spaces

  • To domino the effect of stepping into your power

  • Which ripples out to the wider community

  • To own land with the purpose to share for healing

  • For women to release limiting beleifs & trauma

  • And return to life refreshed and revived

  • To continue the magic of cacao & the deep inner work she facilitates

Meet Hannah

Nutritionist, cacao practitioner and mother to two children. Hannah has overcome constant fatigue, stress,overwhelm & crippling back pain.

  • NAME: Hannah Carr


  • BIRTHDATE: February 15th

  • SUN SIGN: Aquarius

  • MOON SIGN: Cancer

  • PREVIOUS PAIN BODY: Adrenal fatigue & persistent pain

  • FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Down dog feels sooo good

  • TOP HOLISTIC TIP: Your body knows what it needs, practice listening and honouring that

  • FAVOURITE DRINK: Cacao (of course)

  • FAVOURITE MANTRA: Have trust that everything will be ok in the end (and if it’s not, ok it’s not the end)

  • GO-TO SNACK: Raw chocolate called Ombar salt & nibs flavour

  • FAVOURITE SELF CARE PRODUCT: Tropic Skincare Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil

  • PROUDEST MANIFESTATION MOMENT: Trusting to put a Tony Robbins event on my credit card and then calling in the cash to pay that off

  • FAVOURITE WAY TO SERVE: Listening is underrated and much needed, Women sometimes just need to be heard. Most fun way is in moon ceremony!

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is a certified breathcoach, trained in advanced pranayama and teaches yoga through a trauma informed lens. She is passionate helping you unlock your full potential so you feel healthy, joyful and abundant on all levels.

Sarah has overcome depression, self harm and severe anxiety holistically and is a HUGE nature lover.

  • NAME: Sarah King


  • BIRTHDATE: December 14

  • SUN SIGN: Sag

  • MOON SIGN: Sag

  • PREVIOUS PAIN BODY: Anxiety & depression


  • TOP HOLISTIC TIP: Belly breathing

  • FAVOURITE DRINK: Pure Ceremoial Grade Cacao

  • FAVOURITE MANTRA: I trust I am exactly where I need to be & surrender to the moment

  • GO-TO SNACK: Vegan banana bread


  • PROUDEST MANIFESTATION MOMENT: Overcoming severe performance anxiety to become a yoga teacher

  • FAVOURITE WAY TO SERVE: Helping others be at peace with their internal world through building strength, resilience & confidence.

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