Hannah & Sarah are real life sisters here to align you with your healthiest state of being, using the rhythms of nature to shift your anxiety in a fun & easy to follow lifestyle

When we live out of balance with nature, our health declines & we feel dis-ease in our body & mind. We used cyclical living to re-align & step out of pain & into a life that is flourishing.


Meet Hannah

Nutritionist, cacao practitioner and mother to two children. Hannah has overcome constant fatigue, stress,overwhelm & crippling back pain.

  • NAME: Hannah Carr


  • BIRTHDATE: February 15th

  • SUN SIGN: Aquarius

  • MOON SIGN: Cancer

  • PREVIOUS PAIN BODY: Adrenal fatigue & persistent pain

  • FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Down dog feels sooo good

  • TOP HOLISTIC TIP: Your body knows what it needs, practice listening and honouring that

  • FAVOURITE DRINK: Cacao (of course)

  • FAVOURITE MANTRA: Have trust that everything will be ok in the end (and if it’s not, ok it’s not the end)

  • GO-TO SNACK: Raw chocolate called Ombar salt & nibs flavour

  • FAVOURITE SELF CARE PRODUCT: Tropic Skincare Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil

  • PROUDEST MANIFESTATION MOMENT: Trusting to put a Tony Robbins event on my credit card and then calling in the cash to pay that off

  • FAVOURITE WAY TO SERVE: Listening is underrated and much needed, Women sometimes just need to be heard. Most fun way is in moon ceremony!

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Meet Sarah

Yoga teacher, breath coach and nature lover. Sarah has overcome depression, self harm and severe anxiety holistically.

  • NAME: Sarah King


  • BIRTHDATE: December 14

  • SUN SIGN: Sag

  • MOON SIGN: Sag

  • PREVIOUS PAIN BODY: Anxiety & depression


  • TOP HOLISTIC TIP: Belly breathing

  • FAVOURITE DRINK: Pure Ceremoial Grade Cacao

  • FAVOURITE MANTRA: I trust I am exactly where I need to be & surrender to the moment

  • GO-TO SNACK: Vegan banana bread


  • PROUDEST MANIFESTATION MOMENT: Overcoming severe performance anxiety to become a yoga teacher

  • FAVOURITE WAY TO SERVE: Helping others be at peace with their internal world through nature in ceremony

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