Sep 23 2021

Mental illness – the silent killer. My survival story

'Taking the time to sit with your feelings to acknowledge them, will save you much distress down the road' I know this to be true ...
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How stress is harming you

Sep 15 2021

How Stress Is Harming You (And How To Change It)

We had this repeating pattern of being busy but not being busy looking after ourselves. Busy working. Busy parenting. Busy socialising. Busy planning. Busy thinking ...
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Sep 8 2021

Stuck energy- How anxiety gets trapped in the body & causes illness

Living with anxiety can mute your experience of life. You are living in survival mode -alive but not living. Surviving but not thriving. Life has ...
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Aug 31 2021

5 worrying side effects of antidepressants   Do you worry about the side effects of antidepressants? Antidepressants come in several forms. The major ones are: Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) Selective ...
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Aug 18 2021

#1 tool to manage stress & anxiety   Your breath is your life force energy. Are you using the force? Stress and anxiety tool. You can go for weeks without food, ...
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how to stop worry

Aug 17 2021

How To Stop Constant Worry Would you describe yourself as a worrier? We know a lot of Women will or perhaps someone close to you springs to mind. If ...
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Anxiety & confidence

Aug 5 2021

How to increase confidence

Would you class yourself as confident? Has your confidence been knocked in unexpected area of your life? What area of your life do you notice ...
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Caco Club HHC

Jul 19 2021

Discounted Ceremonial Grade Cacao

We have been using and loving Ceremonial Grade Cacao for a number of years now and discounted Ceremonial Grade Cacao would have been our dream!! ...
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Summer solstice seasonal living holistic health collective

Jun 24 2021

What is the summer solstice?

A weekend away celebrating the summer solstice gifted a real moment remembering the healing power of nature when it comes it comes to your health. ...
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Yoga for Summer

Jun 13 2021

Curious About Sun Salutations?

 🌞 The Summer Solstice is approaching on June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere🌞   This auspicious day is also known as The Longest Day or ...
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