Jan 6 2022

Heal a broken heart – the flower medicine of the rose

Feeling broken hearted & wounded? We all know the pain of losing. Of having a heart broken or wounded so deeply that you fear the ...
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Dec 29 2021

Morning Routine (in just 3 minutes)

What stops us having a good morning routine? Grab your morning routine planner page here. You have probably read or heard that a morning routine ...
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Nov 17 2021

Healthy gift ideas for your Wellness loving loved one & the planet

Festivals of celebration such as Birthday's, Christmas & Diwali are wonderful opportunities to get together, enjoy good food & offer a gift to a loved ...
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Nov 10 2021

Positive Affirmations For Busy Mums

Creating some positivity every day is not always easy to achieve, especially for busy mums. I hope that these simple affirmations, along with ideas on ...
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How to stop cravings

Nov 3 2021

How To Stop Cravings If You Have No Willpower

Stop Cravings Like most Women we have had our fair share of cravings especially around the time of the month if you know what we ...
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Oct 27 2021

Ayurveda – the ancient science of creating a optimal health

Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’ is a rich and vast system that aims to create health in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.   ...
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Oct 14 2021

3 steps to reducing your caffeine intake

We LOVE  the feeling of a steaming mug of coffee in our hands & the rich aroma gently awakening our senses. We also know first ...
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Oct 13 2021

Simple Morning Routine Ideas For Stress Relief

Morning routine Is your morning time magic, mundane or perhaps manic? How we start our morning impacts the rest of our day, if we rush, ...
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Sep 23 2021

Mental illness – the silent killer. My survival story

'Taking the time to sit with your feelings to acknowledge them, will save you much distress down the road' I know this to be true ...
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How stress is harming you

Sep 15 2021

How Stress Is Harming You (And How To Change It)

We had this repeating pattern of being busy but not being busy looking after ourselves. Busy working. Busy parenting. Busy socialising. Busy planning. Busy thinking ...
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