Hayo’u Beauty

Hayo’u is the UK’s original and multi-awarding winning gua sha and self-care brand. Founded by Chinese medicine practitioner and bestselling author, Katie Brindle, Hayo’u is grounded in authoritative wisdom and is at the forefront of the huge shift towards gua sha and self-treatment.

Natural dispensary

The Natural Dispensary is an independent Nutritional Supplement Company. With over 12,000 Practitioner prescribed products under one roof, our aim is to provide an efficient one stop service. Fast delivery and trusted brands and quality makes this our firm favourite for supplements and natural remedies.

Skin health

Purify your skin and protect your health with natural, multi-award winning skin and beauty products. Chemical free, carbon-neutral and cruelty-free

Essential oils

Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oil products offer natural solutions for you and your family. Responsibility and sustainably sourced, these essential oils can help many you too feel at peace & in control


Proven Harmonisation of Our Bodies and Environment

Your solution to EMF / 5G mitigation

  • Somavedic can perfectly harmonize the body and the environment we live in or stay most of the day as well as has beneficial effects on animals, plants and all living things.
  • Somavedic has been tested and verified not only by experts in the field of natural sciences, but also by of diagnostic-therapists.