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ceremonial cacao

Activate Inner Bliss and Restore your Health with Minimally Processed, Healthy Chocolate aka Ceremonial Grade Cacao

It's magic!  

It brings a sense of calm and has eliminated my sugar cravings.


This has eliminated my cravings and helped my joint pain.


This has changed my life completely. 

I barely feel the need to eat sugar & I'm now in-tune with my body.


I haven't eaten sugar in 16 months and don't feel like I'm missing out.

Sarah B

Our Trip To The Cacao Farm, Peru

Cravings Controlling Your Daily Decisions?

You may have long had a love affair with chocolate and it's calling you for all the right reasons but those reasons are eliminated with all of the processing in the commercial chocolate industry.

Find out why your favourite chocolate is keeping you stuck in a cycle of uncontrollable cravings.

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Cacao FAQ's

Workbook attached below for all the information you need on Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Reviews

Thank you Hannah and Sarah for introducing cacao into my life, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time


This has stopped my cravings of coffee & wine and feels like something special for me.


I've noticed after only 5 days of using cacao that my skin is clear and my rosacea is reduced, this is a big difference to last month


I tried a 'normal' hot chocolate after using ceremonial grade cacao. was disgusting. I'm now treating myself to the best chocolate ever. It's cacao all the way here!


We love to use it for:

  • Physical effects:

    Menstrual and menopausal relief, relax muscle tension,improve skin tone, raise energy, reduce inflammation and fortify body with nutrients.

  • Spiritual effect;

    It is extremely high in PEA ( love chemical) & anandamide (bliss chemical).Theobromine (cardiovascular support) helps us to open up the heart chakra, to feel connected & compassionate. Allows you to visualise, meditate and experience bliss state.

We use only ethically sourced ceremonial grade Cacao in our ceremonies, it's organic and GMO free! No nasties, just pure, organic 100% Cacao. Oh and small tastes YUMMY!

However, it is when we commune with the divine essence of Sacred Cacao that she really opens up!

How to chop and store cacao

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How to make cacao

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Antidepressants, The MAOI's (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) in cacao which allow for the absorption of neurotransmitters can interact with some antidepressant medications such as those that are MAOI based or SSRI based. If you are on a high dose avoid the use of cacao. If you are on a low to medium dose try a smaller amount, less than 20mg. Contact us if you need further information and always consult with your GP.

No known contraindication in preganacy and breastfeeding, cacao can be supportive to your health but listen to your body and use less than 20 grams.
Cacao increases heart rate by 20-30% so if you are on heart medication or have a pacemaker use a smaller dose, 20 grams or less.

Cacao is low in caffeine but it can disrupt sleep if you are sensitive. So consider the
time that you enjoy it if this is the case.

Natural compounds in cacao can be deadly to pets and wildlife, please keep
away from animals.

Cacao Club is our monthly subscription that delivers the highest quality Ceremonial Grade Cacao to your front door.  Enabling you to have a daily practice at the best price.

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