Jan 2 2024

Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods After Christmas

Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods After Christmas January is the time of re-thinking our diet after perhaps too much indulgence.   What  we've found after ...
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Mar 6 2023

How To Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable

Oh, the words “blood sugar.” Does it conjure up visions of restrictive eating, diabetes medications, or insulin injections? Blood sugar is the measure of the ...
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Jan 20 2023

Breathwork vs Pranayama – how to reduce stress by breathing.

What is the difference between just simple deep breathing and Pranayama? Breathwork is a buzz word! Change your breath to change your state of mind ...
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Don't miss our perimenopause mini-workshop replays over on our Fight Fatigue Facebook group

Nov 2 2022

Perimenopause – What is it?

Don't miss our perimenopause mini workshop replays available on our Fight Fatigue Facebook group Perimenopause You may have seen recently on our Facebook Page (Fight ...
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Oct 31 2022

Samhain Celebration

What is Samhain? In the eightfold wheel of the year, 31st Oct-3rd November marks Samhain (pronounced sah-win) in the Celtic/Pagan/Gaelic traditions. In the current day ...
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Apr 14 2022

Cravings Controlling You?

You may have long had a love affair with chocolate and it's calling you for all the right reasons but those reasons are eliminated with ...
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Feb 7 2022

Thoughtful Self Love Gifting

Thoughtful Self Love Gifting We know Valentines as a day of romance and love, usually celebrated commercially buying a card from the shop, showering our ...
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Jan 6 2022

Heal a broken heart – the flower medicine of the rose

Feeling broken hearted & wounded? We all know the pain of losing. Of having a heart broken or wounded so deeply that you fear the ...
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Dec 29 2021

Morning Routine (in just 3 minutes)

What stops us having a good morning routine? Grab your morning routine planner page here. You have probably read or heard that a morning routine ...
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Nov 10 2021

Positive Affirmations For Busy Mums

Creating some positivity every day is not always easy to achieve, especially for busy mums. I hope that these simple affirmations, along with ideas on ...
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