Oct 31 2022

Samhain Celebration

What is Samhain? In the eightfold wheel of the year, 31st Oct-3rd November marks Samhain (pronounced sah-win) in the Celtic/Pagan/Gaelic traditions. In the current day ...
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Feb 7 2022

Thoughtful Self Love Gifting

Thoughtful Self Love Gifting We know Valentines as a day of romance and love, usually celebrated commercially buying a card from the shop, showering our ...
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Jan 6 2022

Heal a broken heart – the flower medicine of the rose

Feeling broken hearted & wounded? We all know the pain of losing. Of having a heart broken or wounded so deeply that you fear the ...
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Oct 13 2021

Simple Morning Routine Ideas For Stress Relief

Morning routine Is your morning time magic, mundane or perhaps manic? How we start our morning impacts the rest of our day, if we rush, ...
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Yoga for Summer

Jun 13 2021

How Sun Salutations can increase your energy.

 This blog is written by Sarah King, a trauma informed yoga teacher and breath coach. 🌞 The Summer Solstice is approaching on June 21st in ...
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How to create an alter

May 4 2021

Sacred Ceremonial Space – 8 Steps To Create The Perfect Home Altar

A ceremonial space is a dedicated area of your home for you to connect with your personal practice for spirituality, meditation or contemplation. It’s a ...
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