Ceremonial Grade Cacao Health Benefits

Ceremonial grade cacao is 100% pure cacao with no additions, no chemicals, and no loss of quality. It’s a powerful plant medicine which is a superfood with many benefits including focus, creativity, health benefits, productivity and can enhance physical training like exercise.

Using cacao regularly (we enjoy it most days) will help you receive the desired benefits whether they are physical, mental or spiritual. When you are consistent with it’s use, you will feel more grounded, focussed and connected.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao UK

Cacao can be drunk like a hot chocolate or an iced chocolate and is an excellent alternative to coffee.  It can also be added to food such as energy balls as it provides an energy boost along with mental clarity but in a sustained way without the crash that we often feel with coffee.

Cacao is a great source of nutrients including maganese, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and potassium. It’s also a good source of zinc, and Vitamin D – two of the most recommended supplements for the immune system and viral contagions.

Real cacao is also an excellent pre-biotic as it’s both a fermented and sprouted food, so it feeds the gut microbiome and that has been recognised as being of central importance to the immune system.

Cacao has the highest anti-oxidant content of any food (more than blueberries) which protect your cells from damage. Anti-oxidants also protect and repair the skin and are powerful anti-inflammatories.

Chocolate is famous for being high in magnesium which is of great benefit for the heart and for muscle cramping.  Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions including converting energy from food.  Many Women crave chocolate around their period as they feel the benefits of the muscle relaxing and the serotonin boost. A 28g dose of cacao provides around 103 mg of magnesium making it our favourite and most tasty relief from period pain and PMS.

Cacao also contains a variety of essential B vitamins, such as B2, B1, B5, B9 and B5, in addition to vitamin E. B vitamins are essential for hormonal balance and stress management.

Health Benefits 

Theobromine is a gentle and long lasting stimulant found almost exclusively in cacao. Often compared to caffeine but caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant.

The most medically researched aspect of cacao is its effect on cardiovascular health. In a few months of regular use [two or more times per day], it completely cleans the deposits from your arteries, so there is nothing to break loose and cause a heart attack or stroke.

Regular cacao use is the best cure for high blood pressure. People who consume real cacao daily do not have high blood pressure, even with a high salt diet, advanced age, and overweight.

At first use, blood pressure drops only for an hour or two and with continued daily use use for results in a 24-hour continuous normalisation. Use a higher dose for the first month and then a daily maintenance dose of 20 grams.

Cacao reduces bad and increases good cholesterol.

It also promotes relaxation, and helps you de-stress by dropping you below the surface monkey-mind into whatever state you desire.

Holistic Health Collective Cacao (HHC)

Our criolla cacao comes from Peru and it’s production helps to directly support both the local communities and the traditional farming methods.

It has a wonderful feminine and soft quality, which we feel reflects our brand and the type of clients that are called to work with us.

Holistic Health Cacao

In comparison to other ceremonial grade cacao we have worked with, we find Holistic Health Cacao less bitter, so no sweetener is required (once you have adapted to the taste.)

The cacao is farmed organically and helps to preserve the biodiversity and natural resources.

The purity of the natural plant is retained as it’s minimally processed which is far removed from that of commercial chocolate. This is 100% cacao straight from the bean with the fat still part of the natural product.  Instead of being separated and sold on.  The fat helps you to absorb the nutrients and lengthen the pick me up properties.

As a plant medicine it’s vegan friendly, non GMO, has no additives and is completely natural.


To really notice the benefits of cacao we challenge you to use cacao daily for 30 days and journal about the effects. Whether that be a heart opening connection, healing, transformation, alignment, focus or something else. Try it in the morning as a coffee replacement!

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