Cravings Controlling You?

You may have long had a love affair with chocolate and it’s calling you for all the right reasons but those reasons are eliminated with all of the processing in the commercial chocolate industry.

Find out why your favourite chocolate is keeping you stuck in a cycle of uncontrollable cravings.


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We cover:

  • Why chocolate isn’t addictive
  • What is addictive in chocolate
  • How it harms your health
  • Why dairy may not suit you
  • What’s a healthier option
  • Plus a challenge to gain control

In just 5 minutes  you will get all of the information you can use for years to come.

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Cravings Controlling you?

Working with hundreds of Women we see 3 main reasons the struggle is real with food cravings:

1/ Your diet is low in good fats

2/ You have nutritional deficiencies

3/ Your emotions are driving the cravings

1 – Your diet is low in good fats


Fats are essential to our health.

There is a difference between bad fats, think chips, pies and baked goods.

And good fats think olives, coconut oil, avocados and cacao.

Good fats help us to regulate hormones and brain chemistry, make our skin lustrous and reduce cravings.

Don’t be concerned that fats make you fat.

A study found that those who ate more fat burned more than one hundred extra calories a day compared to those that ate less fat.Over a year, that amounts to about a 10-pound weight loss from doing no more exercise.

Ceremonial grade cacao contains planted based saturated fat.

A Harvard study found that a higher intake of plant-based fats was associated with a 16% lower risk of dying from any cause.

One of our Cacao club members shared ‘Cacao has been amazing for reducing the amount of sugar I consume and has changed my life completely!’

2 – You may have nutritional deficiencies


This is really common in the UK, especially for Women, to be low on nutrients.

Due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Inherited genes
  • Poor diet of processed foods
  • Childbearing and birth
  • Medications
  • Antibiotic use
  • Alcohol draining our resources
  • And more

The solution is to focus on eating nutrient rich foods.

That’s mostly whole foods.

You know, anything that was created by Mother Nature.

Think fruit, veg, lentils, eggs, meat, nuts, seeds and ancient grains etc

Ceremonial Grade Cacao comes in that list and it’s why we so often crave chocolate around our monthly bleed.

This is different from Cacao powder which is not classed as a whole food as the fat has been stripped and seperated.

Our bodies already know chocolate is nutrient rich.

The problem isn’t chocolate itself , is the sugar, more about that in our free download the truth about uncontrollable cravings.

There are many nutrients in Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

First of all vitamin D, this is really hard to find in food usually but as cacao grows in the rainforest it gets so much sunshine!

This is known as the sunshine vitamin as it helps beat the blues and keeps itbones strong which is important to avoid osteoporosis which is which more prevalent in Women.

Next magnesium aka natures tranquilliser.

Magnesium has more than 300 functions in the body.

For us Women relieving cramps and muscular tension is a huge benefit!

We find this so beneficial in balancing hormones, we recommend it a lot!

More antioxidants than blueberries.

In short antioxidants protect you from the premature effects of ageing and protect your cells from damage that can cause other diseases.

Cacao is also a great source of Oxytocin – hug in a mug. 

Zinc – great for the skin, brain and the immune system.

B vitamins – important for energy and hormonal balance. 

It’s bitter flavour supports the heart.

Cholesterol balancing. 


3- Your emotions are driving the cravings

It’s common that when you feel a bit bored, a little sad or need comfort that you reach for food, especially sweet food.

  • Food is always there for us
  • Food is non judgemental
  • Food makes us feel better…

        …if only for a moment!

So you found a great short term solution the downside is that it often causes long-term problems.

Such as weight gain, low mood & bigger health challenges such as diabetes.

Perhaps you don’t want your food cravings to control you but what’s the alternative?


All of the answers are within us but we mostly don’t slow down to listen.

Perhaps when you need comfort a chat with a friend would fill your cup.

Maybe when you are sad, you need to honour your feelings by journalling.

When you are bored a creative project might be what you need.

We tap into these feelings through ritual. Cacao is our daily ritual.

  • Cacao is best made slowly
  • Cacao is best enjoyed by setting an intention 
  • Cacao is best sipped uninterrupted
  • Cacao should be honoured
  • Cacao is a plant medicine
  • Cacao has wisdom to share
  • Cacao can strengthen spiritual connection

All of those things help you slow down and notice what is really going on for you and what do you really need.
We want to invite you to slow down and tune into the wisdom that your body holds by creating everyday

Does it sound beautiful to you to create a daily ritual of drinking high quality chocolate.

Unlike the gym, it’s a habit we don’t find hard to commit to!

So we challenge you to try Ceremonial Grade Cacao every day for 21 days.

Our Cacao club members have shared with us that when they drink cacao every day, it has either greatly reduced or completely eliminated their cravings.

Click here to order your cacao and get started with reducing your cravings today.

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