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We have been using and loving Ceremonial Grade Cacao for a number of years now and discounted Ceremonial Grade Cacao would have been our dream!!

Holistic Health Cacao at the beach

Holistic Health Cacao at the beach

Like anything, a high quality product is an investment and we justify this investment by:

  • Cutting back on expensive coffee shop visits (which was overstimulating our nervous system)
  • Knowing that this reduces our cravings for other chocolate fixes and therefore chocolate supplies!
  • Preferring to catch up with friends over a cup of cacao in favour of a glass of wine (mostly)
  • Trusting that providing our body with high quality foods supports our vitamin and mineral status
  • Wanting to support organic farming for our environment 
  • Choosing to support indigenous tribes and therefore fair-trade products

These decision have helped us keep going for the past few years.

We literally wouldn’t be without our almost daily ritual of a cup of cacao and a slow down.  We used to find that our tea or coffee break wasn’t a ritual, it wasn’t indulgent or often even good quality.  It was overstimulating to our nervous system, rushed and the opposite of mindfulness.

This blog assumes you know a little about ceremonial grade cacao but if you have missed out on trying this magic yet, read more about ceremonial grade cacao here

The goddess that is cacao, has helped up create this beautiful ritual in a way that felt easy instead of a ‘must do’ and hard.  More like devotion instead of a discipline.  

It’s not just us either, our amazing members inside The Holistic Health Circle, our monthly membership for Women looking to relieve anxiety and elevate their health naturally.  They were making monthly orders of ceremonial grade cacao, sharing the amazing benefits they were finding and even sharing photo’s of their beautiful ‘cacao corners’.

Victoria's amazing 'cacao corner'...thanks for inspiring us

Victoria’s amazing ‘cacao corner’…thanks for inspiring us

We have been putting our heads together to figure out a more affordable and easy way to get your Ceremonial Grade Cacao to you.  

We are excited to announce ‘Cacao Club’

Cacao Club is a monthly subscription to our beautiful, amazing and utterly delicious Ceremonial Grade Cacao.  

It gets delivered to your door every month, so you can permanently delete a ‘to do’ off you monthly list.

Plus you make a great cost savings.

There are four sizes available to suit different needs.  If you need a little guidance here, Medium is the most popular size that see’s you through around a month.  The bigger sizes are normally for those that want to share with a friend or who’s partner is on board and drinking Cacao. 

We wanted to reward members even more, because it really helps us to know how much cacao we need to stock and when we will need to post it.  So we have also included seasonal ceremonies in your subscription.  

This means every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter we will get together online and lead you through a beautiful meditation to set intentions for the new season.  This is a really important step in creating a life you want to live, instead of being swept up in busyness.  You can read more about cacao ceremonies here if they are new to you.

If you are loving the sound of this, you may want to know more about the benefits of our Holistic Health Cacao and also of Cacao in general.


Holistic Health Cacao

Holistic Health Cacao

Cacao benefits

Cacao benefits

If you are ready to dive into Ceremonial Grade Cacao to help reduce your stress by creating more mindful moments in your day, then Cacao Club is the most cost effective and most simple way to get a monthly delivery (with no commitment).  

You can subscribe to Cacao Club here to get your ceremonial grade Cacao posted out to you on the first Monday of every month.  

Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to welcome you to our Club and see you in our seasonal Ceremonies.  Dates are emailed out after you join.

Bye for now

Hannah and Sarah xx 




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