Feeling worse when you should feel better- What’s a Healing Crisis

I am having a heart attack.

I can feel the rapid pulse of my heartbeat taking over my senses. All other sounds are drowning heart as my ears begin to thump & hot energy rises up. I feel like my heart is now going to explode.

A healing crisis

In this moment, I am going to die.

And in some way, I am.

A part of me is dying- leaving my being, releasing from the depths of me.

And then, it’s all over.  The energy slows. I can feel the rest of my body once again, safe, alive and present in this moment.

I am alive. I am renewed. I am restored.

What is a healing crisis?

This is the reaction a recent healing crisis felt like during a womb healing treatment. Sounds terrible right?! Unpleasant, avoidable, painful. It was on some level. BUT, afterwards…..

I feel a sense of myself returning. I am re-claiming my sovereign state. I can feel other peoples projections, judgements & pain leaving my energy field. Imprints of former emotions & traumas are being cleared.

I am me, clearer, freer and more centered and peaceful.

I had come through the other side of a very rapid and intense healing crisis.

A healing crisis can happen during or 2-3 days after a natural healing practice, treatment or natural lifestyle change. It can feel like a worsening symptoms bought on my a healing process. It can show up a detox symptoms and a sense of feeling worse rather than better.

So why does a crisis happen?

Louise Hay made famous the concept that behind every physical ailment/dis-ease or illness is an unresolved emotion. Emotions are after all just meant to be energy in motion e-motions.

However, if we can not full process and release the emotion, we can hold it within the body where it can cause a blockage in your energy body. The body is made up of channels of energy– think how may vessels, pathways and tubes we have internally. If this concept is new to you, think back to a time you held back tears. This blocking of the tears flow may have felt like a lump in your throat or ache in your heart.

Now imagine holding this in for years or even decades. This unexpressed feeling is trapped and becomes dense, stagnant & interrupts the flow of wellbeing.

If you experienced a major life event or trauma where you disassociated or disconnected, you may have even let a small fragment of yourself leave your being

Usually when the manifested dis-ease becomes to overbearing, we decide to look at it and seek out treatment or a natural healing. We are finally offering this part of us selfcare/self love. I like to describe a healing crisis like unblocking a drain that’s been left for years to built up lipid, dirt, mould, grime. When we unblock the drain and remove the build up there is mess, pungent smells and things to clean and clear up.


The releasing of the obstacle.

Is what I experienced when I felt heart attack symptoms during my treatment. I also had this during a reiki session and a sound bath.

When you decide to embark on a healing journey it may not feel easy in the moment but it will be worthwhile.

Imagine the sparkly clean pipes with free flowing water rippling through ready to nourish those that drink it’s crystal waters.

When you offer yourself healing you can unlock your true essence, radiance and best self. You can feel free in your own body, without pain nor illness. This is your birthright and your natural state.

When you decide to heal yourself, suffering is over. You find a sense of peace and walk through challenges with ease.


Ideas how you can  naturally heal;

Food- choosing consciously sources, organic, local, seasonal whole foods cooked with love.

Sound healing – Gongs, Sound Baths, Chanting, Singing, Mantras

Movement – Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Hiking, Running, Love Making, Massage

Talking– Sacred Circles, Counselling, sharing with a loved one

Being in nature – Earthing, Cryotherapy, Forest Bathing, Sun Gazing

Plant Medicine- Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Psilocybin, THC, Kambo

Silence – Yoga Nidra, being still, Vipassana





How to get through the storm.

Your therapist/healer should be able to offer support and advice on the best way to move through the temporary state.

Drinking plenty of water and taking lot’s of rest is absolutely vital.

Know that this is  normal part of the process and be gentle on yourself.

Avoid people and situations that drain your energy. Alcohol, spicy foods and heavy sport are also wise to steer clear of for a day or two.

Most importantly – keep going. You will need maintenance and regular self care treatments. Don’t wait until symptoms appear, keep your sacred temple in a  beautiful, vibrant state.


Should you wish to explore natural healing;

Sarah King is a qualified Yoga Teacher,  Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Cacaoista and offers 1:1 healing treatments. She offers in person and online healing Ceremonies using modalities like breathwork, energy healing and embodied movement to help your bring love and healing to a situation, dis-ease or trauma.


Hannah Carr is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Cacaoista and Yoga Teacher. She offers 1:1 consultations and a programme called Fight Fatigue Naturally using food among other modalities such as breathwork to heal your body & mind.


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