Heal a broken heart – the flower medicine of the rose

Feeling broken hearted & wounded?

We all know the pain of losing.

Of having a heart broken or wounded so deeply that you fear the tears will never stop flowing.

Of chest pain, tightness or heart palpitations that you write off as too much coffee.

Of waking up with a second of amnesia of the loss before the memory hits you so badly it takes your breath away all over again.

When your heart experiences suffering, the heart chakra becomes blocked or out of alignment & you shut down & close up.

You disconnect from the world.

It’s a coping strategy that fools you into thinking you are safe from deeper hurt.

Loneliness feels like the norm, even in a room of familiar faces.

By closing up & off you lose out on rich experiences life has to offer with connection to others.

Broken heart- broken life.

If we don’t actively offer the heart some healing after a life event that has caused distress, pain, grief, trauma or heart ache then the energy of your heart aka heart chakra will adapt to protect you from further stress.

This imbalance may become over or under active. Tune into your heart now. What feelings resonate with you?


In balance heart chakra


Love is your birthright.

Union is integral to survival, separation creates dis-connection & dis-ease. Left unchecked you are unable to receive the gifts the Universe has to offer you. You feel the spark of joy for life dissolving.

How to heal your heart using rose.

Rose is the Queen of Flowers and one of the most beloved flowers in the world. The history of the rose pre-dates that of humankind by millions of years & was one of the first flower species to appear on Earth.

The rose has a feminine essence, symbolizing purification, peace, healing, romance, passion, and love in all forms.⁠ It has been used across different cultures throughout history as a metaphor for love & to symbolise the female Yoni.


✨ Anti inflammatory properties

✨ Alleviate depression from shock and grief

✨ Supports the heart both physically and emotionally

✨ Harmonises the blood, regulates menstrual cycles 

✨ Alleviates liver & blood stagnation

✨ Uplifts the mood

✨ Soothes skin- anti aging, improving tone, texture, and elasticity.


How to work with rose

When we work with a plant 3x daily the medicinal properties become bio-available to us. If you are going through emotional heart turmoil or physical dis-ease you may wish to consult with a Herbalist or Naturopathic Nutritionist  who can prescribe the most effective dose for your needs.

My personal experience with rose has been using it alongside plant medicine Cacao . I add a teaspoon of rose syrup to sweeten a cup of ceremonial grade drinking chocolate (cacao) and sprinkle a few rose petals on to adorn it.

I drink it everyday I am in the menstruation phase of my cycle to relieve cramps & to balance my mood if  I’m feeling overly sensitive.

I take a ceremonial grade dose when I can feel my heart energy becoming closed, my thoughts’ defensive &  negative self talk taking place in my head. These kind of feelings are more prominent after conflict with a loved one or when I feel I’m under achieving.

Ultimately, I use on day’s when I feel I could use a little extra love. When I drink it, I can literally feel the energy coursing through me & my heart softening. It is so much easier to feel compassion & empathy. Any angry thought’s simply extinguish & love prevails.

Other ways to use it

Glowing skin– Wear rose oil alone or mixed with a carrier oil on the skin. Its incredible floral scent will uplift your spirit to divine realms. Rose also prevents dry skin & has anti-aging properties. 

Boost your immune system -Rosehip syrup is high in Vitamin C. Use it to supercharge you & your family’s immune system to help fight infections, soothe mucous membranes and help to relieve colds and influenza. 

Heal scars– Rosewater has been used for healing internal scars from treatments such as radiotherapy.

Ease menstrual pain– sprinkle a handful of dried pink & red petals & magnesium rich bath salts to create a Goddess Ritual bath. A beautiful self care practice if you are feeling down or suffering from menstrual cycle cramps.

Heart lifting conversation– take a teaspoonful in tonic or sparkling water water as a booze-free alternative to sparkling wine and let your conversation flow from your heart rather than polite small talk that bores most of us to tears.

Super charge your love life– a potent aphrodisiac, creating an atmospheric mood which subtly but powerfully stimulates feelings of ecstasy. In 1578, Li Gattfosse, a pioneering aromatherapist describes how the rose created the perfect physical & spiritual state for sex by stimulating the sexual centres in the brain & uplifting spirit whilst reducing blood pressure& calming the nervous system.

Renew relationship connection – add rose water or rose syrup to your food when cooking or baking then share your dish with someone you desire to bond more deeply with.

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We hope we have inspired you to invite rose into your life, support you through emotional times & allow you to fall back in love with your life.

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