Healthy gift ideas for your Wellness loving loved one & the planet

Festivals of celebration such as Birthday’s, Christmas & Diwali are wonderful opportunities to get together, enjoy good food & offer a gift to a loved one. You may conjure images of a rich feast, filling your belly & saying a toast with a class of bubbles however, for the health conscious beings, this traditional style of celebration may not light them up in same way.

Conscious purchasing & using gift’s to up level your loved ones health is a powerful way to make positive change in the world. Most of us are extremely fortunate enough to have our basic needs met & have surplus that enriches our life & provides convenience & ease.

So why not use the next celebration as a chance to create health, wealth & happiness in your loved ones world & for our planet.


To help inspire you to purchase gifts from responsible companies that illuminate your wellness loving loved one check out our list of ideas below;

Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

This crystal face tool from Hayo’u has a positive effect on facial skin & is kinder to the environment than the popular crystal face rollers that are prone to breaking so need to be replaced more frequently creating more waste.

This rejuvenating crystal wakes up and soothes skin. It improves energy flow, supports circulation and lymphatic drainage, lifts, plumps and sculpts, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of its cooling properties, it is the ideal choice for sensitive or inflamed skin.

Bedtime Bliss Gift set from Tropic


Bedtime Bliss Gift Set from Tropic Skincare

Every good wellness lover knows a good night’s sleep is one of the main pillars of good health & soothing bedtime routine shouldn’t be reserved just for Sundays! Here to make drifting off to dreamland with ease part of someone special’s daily routine, this sleepy gift set cocoons them in comfort, calming scents and nourishing goodness. Think of it as a cosy, skin-softening duvet they’ll want to escape to again and again.

Tropic is doing good in the world with their teaching the unreached charity. Their  partnership with United World Schools ensures that every order you make, no matter how big or small, funds schooling for children in some of the world’s most remote regions.

So far, this initiative has already funded education for a year at over 180 schools across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, and led to the opening of a brand-new school, with even more on the way soon.

DoTerra Yoga Collection Kit

The doTERRA Yoga Collection supports an effective yoga practice & an uplifting gift for the Yoga lover in your life.

An exclusive trio of CPTG® essential oil blends designed by doTERRA for the yogi in your life. Anchor, Align, and Arise are the perfect blends to enhance your life and yoga practice. These blends provide aromas to steady, center, and enlighten your spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching the body.

In 2008 when dōTERRA chose their name, meaning “Gift of the Earth,” they understood that this new endeavor carried with it the responsibility to act as committed stewards. From the beginning, dōTERRA’s intentions have been deeply rooted in a philosophy of gratitude surrounding and encompassing these gifts. They have numerous projects that support vulnerable communities, empower women & support children.

Scentered Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle

Scentered Sleep Well Aromatherapy Candle 

Candles & Wintertime make the best pairing. These therapeutic candles are made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance.

Reuse your candle jar with this vegan-friendly Scentered candle refill set of 2. Made with 100% natural wax and essential oils to bring ambience and mindful wellbeing to any room environment creating a moment to STOP.INHALE.RESET. After purchasing your Scentered candle in its beautiful glass container (220g) reuse the glass with a Scentered candle refill supplied in minimal, compostable packaging to reduce single use purchasing

Empowering Affirmation Cards


This inspirational deck by Noharanda consists of 53 affirmation cards. Each of the 53 cards with an affirmation for strength, acceptance, and empowerment and on the back of each card there are a few words from me to you to guide you through the reading of each affirmation. Each card has a colourful artwork created to inspire you.

Noharanda exists to bring positive vibes and inspiration through quality products you can use, admire and wear in your everyday — inspired by Yoga, Self Love and Nature


Riverford Organic Gift Box for Christmas 

The gift if good food is always a welcome treat in our home. Purchasing from Riverford means supporting good food, good farming and good business. Pioneer’s of Organic Farming, thoughtful packaging & that are big on sustainability & climate action.

This organic gift box is absolutely bursting with tasty Riverford treats to eat and drink, all handmade to our own recipes (except the fizz!). Rich, buttery mince pies, double chocolate brownies, crunchy almond cantuccini, Seville orange marmalade, plum and cranberry chutney, and a beautiful Christmas pudding. To drink, La Jara’s outstanding Prosecco Frizzante. Serves 6+.


Cacao- the world’s healthiest chocolate

A healthy alternative to toast a celebration – ceremonial grade cacao enjoyed as a hot drink. Cacao, the seed/nut of a fruit of an Amazonian tree, is the highest antioxidant food on the PLANET. This plant medicine is rich in nutrients that supercharge your health & invite us to evolve our consciousness.

Cacao contains essential minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E , flavonoids with anti-oxidant properties and neurotransmitters that have everything to do with feeling ‘loved up’ and ‘blissed out’.

You can purchase a beautifully wrapped Christmas Cheer gift set one off time gift or enrol your loved one to Cacao club a subscription service for the gift that keeps on giving.


Wellness retreat mini break 

The Ultimate gift for wellness lovers –  time away to immerse yourself in good company, scenery & food. The last few years have left most of us depleted & near burn out that a day trip to the Spa might not be quite enough to revitalize us.

Time on retreat is our number one way to restore our energy levels & reach level’s of health that we just can’t manage during the daily grind. Yoga & Foraging Retreat by The Sea with  is the perfect way to spend a long weekend with eco loving wellness company Balanced Body Wellness. They donate a portion of profits to Earth loving charities such as Friends of The Earth who are helping to double UK tree cover to offset carbon.

The Power of Now- has the power to positively change the way we think

A life changing read

The Power of Now

The gift of a book is usually a pleasure especially when it has the power to positively change the way you live your life. The Power of Now
is an appealing written mix of spiritual truths that add depths & meaning to the way we can live our life.

Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most inspiring and visionary spiritual teachers in the world today. With his international bestsellers, The Power of Now and A New Earth—translated into 52 languages—he has introduced millions to the joy and freedom of living life in the present moment. The New York Times has described him as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”, and in 2011, Watkins Review named him “the most spiritually influential person in the world”.


Tantric Date night

Tantric Date night

If you are looking for a gift for your lover, this is one that you can both receive pleasure from. This revolutionary online date-night with The School of Sensual Arts invites you to rise in love with your partner, to reach new heights & to walk across peaks of pleasure to discover new insights.

Through the senses, you are united with new moments to treasure & expansion into the exciting horizon of deep & intimate connection. This 2.5 hour session takes place via Zoom so you can relax & connect in the privacy of your own home.  Henika – Yoga & Tantra teacher guides you through  Tantric techniques, a journey through the senses & body relaxation amongst other connection enhancing experiences.


This is one I can personally recommend!!!!

Shirin Yoko is forest bathing.

Forest Bathing

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese practice that translates in English to “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing. It’s no secret that today’s busy lifestyles and daily demands can have a negative impact on our health and mental well-being. Offer the gift of the benefits of ecotherapy with this a guided forest meditation.

Forest Bathing allows you to discover a whole new approach to meditation and mindfulness as you begin to embrace the simple things in life. Leaving your worries, Wi-Fi and world behind – at least for a little while.

Forest Bathing experiences can be found nationwide.



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