How to increase confidence

Anxiety & confidence

Would you class yourself as confident?

Has your confidence been knocked in unexpected area of your life?

What area of your life do you notice you feel shy, unsure, uncertain, insecure or STUCK in?

☀️When you feel confident you can move forwards in your life without fear or doubt & feel ready for life’s experiences.

 August’s Leo New moon invites you open your heart & let your inner light shine bright.

🌑 It’s a big, confident, playful & powerful New Moon that allows you to embody to radiate your best self & express who you truly are.

Confidence affirmations

Why having confidence is so important for a healthy life.

When we lack confidence, we tend to sabotage our goals and dreams. We don’t do so intentionally, but when our fear and self-doubt is unconsciously governing our decisions we don’t take bold actions, we avoid risks, and we don’t stretch ourselves beyond our current comfort levels.

Having confidence is a key part of living a happy life.

In fact, studies have proven that those with confidence make more money, have happier relationships, and are generally more successful than those who don’t.

There can be many causes of having low confidence.

Trauma can leaves a mark on you, particularly if you grew up in a dysfunctional family. Children growing up in households where there is a lot of fighting can cause the child to think they’re responsible for the problems and end up condemning themselves.

As an adult, a big life change such as having a baby, losing a job, experiencing illness or grief can all affect your trust in the world and confidence.

So how do you shift from worry, fear & uncertainty & connect with your inner Lioness?

Anxiety & confidence can not co-exist together. They are polar opposite emotions. Recent times have pushed us through struggles & hardships that challenged us deeper than we could have known. It is completely understable that some of your trust & confidence may have waned. Give yourself permission to accept yourself as you are & then open up to allowing this energy to shift when you are ready.

Starting with awareness. Awareness is everything. When we become aware we are empowered to create change. When we become aware of our thought’s & self talk we have the ability to nurture our mindset. Next time you are feeling uncertain or unconfident check in with your thought’s. Are you reprimanding yourself for ‘being a wuss’ or ‘failure’ ? We cannot separate the mind from the body. Science shows there is a link between resilience & physical fitness.

Our internal thought’s are reflected in our external environment. When fear, doubt & worry creep in our freeze you in your tracks, stop, switch & connect with an are of your life & a time that you DID feel confident. Was it a hobby, sport, relationship, passion project or work subject? How did you FEEL in your body? What were you saying to yourself?

Create a positive affirmation that encourages you in the area you feel unsure about.

When you mentally shift your mindset & self talk to believe you CAN cope & tell yourself I HAVE GOT THIS this begins to be reflected in our reality. You stand taller, your muscles engage & you breathe with control & ease. This sends a message back to the brain to say I AM SAFE. So the nervous system can get out of survival mode & you feel safe to move forwards. You don’t need to be perfect to try new thing’s but you do need to make a start. And confidence grows with practice & repetition. When we do the innercise & the exercise in equal measures we can SHINE. Other tips to tap into confidence

  • Spend time with people that lift your vibe & embrace who you are. This includes family, friendships, media, T.V & podcasts.
  • Change your posture. Studies show sitting or standing taller or taking a power stance and embody confidence.
  • Gain strength in your physical body with exercises like Yoga, strength training or Pilates.
  • Don’t push yourself. Know the difference between your comfort zone & danger zone. When we push through discomfort we can grow but if we go past our safety zone we can create trauma in the nervous system.
  • Balance your Solar Plexus Chakra. This energetic centre is our body is connected to self expression & personal power. If the energy is blocked here our confidence will be affected.

Step into your Lioness confidence this Leo Season. 08/08/21 is the Lion’s Gate Portal. A significant day to tune into the energy & receive the gift’s from the Universe that will support you in moving forward with trust.

We are guiding members of The Holistic Health Circle through a movement & mind practices with a New Moon Ceremony & restorative Yoga to support them in this transition.

Do your own ceremony at home. Light a candle, find a comfortable spot & listen to our free 10 minute guided meditation to release stress. 

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