How To Stop Constant Worry 

how to stop worry

Would you describe yourself as a worrier?

We know a lot of Women will or perhaps someone close to you springs to mind.

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We both used to describe ourself as worriers but then we found out about the Earth element, which is one of the 5 elements in TCM along with water, wood, fire and metal.

Earth element

We have all of the element within us but one element is usually more dominant.  Any that are out of balance may also be more apparent.

The earth element in balance shows up as warm, kind and supportive.  Out of balance maybe anxious, overly protective, lonely and lack boundries.  You may also feel stuck and compassion turns to worry.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also teaches us that emotions are related to different organs and worry is related to the spleen which is closely linked to the stomach.  The spleen helps us transport energy from food around the body.

To transform worry into empathy and compassion we can nourish the earth element.

The best time to do this is in late summer, which is around the third week of August until 22nd October when we then move into metal season.

There are 3 ways to begin nourishing:

1/ Lifestyle 

2/ Diet 

3/ Spiritual practices 



One simple change that could make a big impact on your levels of worry.

The news is full of sad stories, doom and gloom and can cause us so much worry.

You can stop watching, reading or listening to the news when you wake and when you go to bed to reduce the kind of worry that keeps you awake at night or that doesn’t set you up for the best day.

Our first and last thoughts need to be positive and nourishing such as gratitude, prayer or affirmations 

You might even consider giving up the news altogether.  Don’t worry if anything big happens you’ll hear about it from friends, family or even by glancing at the headlines as you walk past a newspaper stand.  

If that feels a step to far, then get your news fix at another time of day such as after breakfast or after lunch.

phone in bed, holistic health collective

News in bed


Late summer is the season to enjoy yellow and orange foods and many of these are naturally sweet in nature such as squashes, peaches, sweet potato and corn.  

These nourish the pancreas and support the spleen and stomach as well as start to ground us more as we move towards the autumn.

In our membership The Holistic Health Circle, we dive into the nutrition for late summer in a deeper way covering the herbs, grain, fruits and vegetables that are best for this short season.

late summer foods, holistic health collective

Late summer foods

Spiritual Practices: 

We know it’s really common now to rush about from place to place.

To never feel like you are getting through your ‘to do’ list.

To rarely have time to yourself.  

This never stopping lifestyle though leads to a busy mind and a feeling of never feeling peaceful.  

Peace is the opposite to worry, so let’s find an easy way to cultivate peace.  

This is where spiritual practices step in.  

Perhaps you already have your own spiritual path such as religious practices, breathwork, yoga, even a walk in nature could become a spiritual practice if you are mindful.

Another spiritual practice is meditation as it calms mind and is good for spleen. 

If you have meditated before and found it difficult then we want to help change that.  So we have recorded a special stress reducing 10 minute meditation for you that is sooo easy to do.

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Last thoughts!!

In autumn we move into the element of metal and the organ metal is related to is the lungs.  So it’s important to cultivate a strong earth element now as the spleen energy contributes to healthy lungs and a strong immune system. 

Enjoy your late summer.  






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