Morning Routine (in just 3 minutes)

What stops us having a good morning routine?

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You have probably read or heard that a morning routine is good for your physical health, mental health or productivity.

You are on board with the idea but the lure of a quick scroll on your phone stops you in your tracks.

Maybe you turned off the alarm on your phone, some notifications pinged and decided to quickly see to them?

We have all had that problem, then that quick minute turns into 5 and then 10 and even a whole 30 minutes can flash by leaving you on the back foot.

phone in bed, holistic health collective

Get your phone out of your room.

As there are many studies linking to how our phones also disturb our sleep, we highly recommend buying an old fashioned alarm clock to wake you and keeping your phone out of your bedroom.

Failing that, flight mode is another good option where you can still use your alarm and not be distracted by notifications first thing.

Then you will have have a chance at starting your day in a more positive way.  To do that we sip a glass of water as soon as we wake, then use our daily planner to help give our day direction and focus.

Daily planner for Women

We discovered many years ago that there are natural cycles that are happen that effect our energy and our mood as Women.

That’s the lunar cycle and our own menstrual cycle.

When we bring awareness to these two cycles, we understand how we are effected at a micro level because of our internal cycle and at a macro level, due to the moon and its gravitational pull.


There are four key phases to both cycles.


Key moon phases:


New Moon (NM)

This is when the moon is dark in the sky, this reminds us to draw our energy in and be setting intentions to consciously create a life we love.

We make time for this every month in our New moon ceremonies with other Women in our monthly membership The Holistic Health Circle.

First Quarter (FQ)

Following the new moon we are in the waxing phase, which for ease we will call the first quarter.  The moon appears to be growing and we can start to put the wheels in motion for action taking on the intentions we set.

That might look like writing a plan, sharing it with others or starting research.


Holistic Health Collective

Full Moon (FM)

The full moon is likely the one you are most familiar with, it’s big, bold and beautiful as she illuminates our night skies.  

The full moon is a time when we should feel our most energetic, a party vibe even.  It’s a great time for action taking and being extrovert.

If your body is out of balance though you may find the moon illuminates this for you, bringing it up as a chance to start healing.  For example an old back injury might reappear or tensions could run high with those that you are closest to.

This is the best time to let go of a grudge or an old habit you are ready to release.  We make time for this every month in our Full moon ceremonies with other Women in our monthly membership The Holistic Health Circle.


Last Quarter (LQ)

Then we move onto the waning moon, when the moon starts to reduce in size.  It’s a great time for reflection, analysis, shadow work or starting to release fears.


Why track the moon?

We have found that tracking the moon phases allowed us to understand ourselves better and how natures natural rhythms impact us.

When old injuries kept flaring up on a full moon, we knew it was an invitation to step up our health care.

When arguments kept exploding with the men in our lives, we knew it was an invitation for more Sisterhood at that particular time.

When setting new intentions on a new moon was actually moving us forward in our lives, we knew this stuff really worked!!

The moon taught us so much and continues to do so as its sits in a different astrological sign each month and therefore, highlights something different each month.  This allows us to periodically work though all areas of life, such as the home, relationships, spirituality, finances and more.


Key menstrual phases:


Menstruation (M)

The phase we are most aware of, our bleed.  This is a time to slow right down, just like the new moon.

If you push too much during this time, you may notice lower energy fr the month to follow.

Luteal (L)

Next is our luteal phase, this is when estrogen is building.  We know we are in this phase because our bleed has stopped but ovulation hasn’t yet happened.

This is a time to start increasing our activity level, planting seeds so to speak for the plans in our lives.  Perhaps increasing exercise especially if you completely rested during menstruation.


Holistic Health Collective

Ovulation (O)

Happens around days 14-16.  You may know if you use a period tracking app, if you use a fertility tracker, if you pay attention to your cervical fluid and body temperature or some Women even feel the egg being released.

This is a time when energy should feel high, you are a goddess, you are extroverting and maybe even feel sexier than usual, due to estrogen being at its highest.  Work it, work it!!

Follicular phase (F)

After ovulation its the follicular phase, estrogen is on the decline and we are at a time in our cycle when it’s great to start calming down the activity.  Back to that reflection, analysis, shadow work and the releasing of fears.

Exercise can start to become less intensive as you approach your bleed once more.


Why track your menstrual cycle?

It’s always handy knowing where you are in your cycle when you have a Doctors appointment and they ask you!

It can help you plan a pregnancy or NOT!

You can understand yourself better and where your energy is at different points in your cycle.

If you struggle with PMT, PMT, PMDD or simply changing moods at different points in the month, you can get a clear understanding of what hormones may need balancing and address it much more quickly.

It helps with the practicalities of knowing when your bleed is due to make sure you are prepared with what you need.


If you don’t have a bleed for any number of reason, then track and use the moon cycle as your guide to energy and emotions.


Morning Routine

Grab your morning routine planner page here.

Back to the morning routine, note down these two important cycles and the phases you are in for each.


Next we love to reflect on our previous day, to start to notice the threads of what is important to us.  You may notice that you always write down how your highlight was a walk or dinner with the family or a chat with a friend.  This helps you to fill your days with more of what you do love, meaning you will be so much more fulfilled and happy.  


It’s also really important to tap into gratitude.  

The more you do it the more you will notice what you have to be grateful for.

There are the big things like family, your home, a car or regular work and the small (yet so important) things such as clean water, a comfortable bed, dinner on the table each day or even a smile from a stranger.

Intention setting

What is your intention for the day?  

Often we just get stuck into the day without really considering this and we end not not feeling how we might wish.  That maybe stressed, rushed, behind, under pressure, unhappy etc.

We love to set intentions for how we want to feel such as peaceful, inspired, happy or calm but your intention maybe more practical such as to stay focussed or work on a particular project etc. 


Start the day in a positive way.

These are just a few of the question we start our day with, so we have designed a 3 minute morning routine with these questions and more, so you can stop the scroll (of your phone) and get into flow.

We worked with designer Keshimoni to make sure it is as practical as it was beautiful.

We tested in out with the Women inside our monthly health membership The Holistic Health Circle and challenged them to use it every morning for 30 days.  


Here’s what our lovely members feedback after still to the challenge for 30 days!


Sarah B
It makes me more purposeful throughout the day.
Samatha H

Journaling has helped me so much this week, I always intend to write but having this morning routine challenge helps so much.

Anita A
Enjoying waking up with an immediate focus. I watched the recording again yesterday & made notes this time… which was really helpful. Also went to bed 45 minutes earlier & put my phone away earlier too 😊
Karen V
Today’s top three priorities are really helping me focus. I have also increased my water consumption. I normally struggle to drink 1 litre a day. For the first 3 days I drank 1.5 litres and yesterday it was 2 litres!
Laura H
I’ve been finding it’s a great way to start the day, a few minutes to get my thoughts together and it’s making me get up when the alarm sounds & not look at my phone! I particularly like thinking of the priorities for the day. Enjoying taking time for some breathwork too.
Kerri H
I like the highlight of yesterday. It helps to learn what I enjoy! I also like setting an intention for the day. Usually to remain calm 😂😂 xx

Now it’s your turn

We challenge you to use the planner every day for 30 days and see what changes it makes to your life.


  • Less rushing 
  • Less ‘being busy’ rather than being productive 
  • Less staring into your phone as soon as you wake


  • More intentional
  • More gratitude
  • More awareness of the cycles that impact your energy and mood


You can buy the professionally designed morning routine planner here



As well as the planner you will get an hours training video that will:

  • Allow you to build upon your 3 minute routine when you are ready. 
  • Set up a successful bedtime routine meaning you can wake in the morning.
  • Give you tips to improve your quality of sleep so you wake feeling refreshed.
  • Teach you how to start spiritual practices even if you are a beginner.


We hope to hear from you and how a morning routine has improved your life, in just 3 minutes!


You can buy the professionally designed morning routine planner here




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