Do you ever.....

  • Feel like there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

  • Wish you could create healthier habits that stick as you are ready to elevate your health and consciousness

  • Feel alone and wish you could have friends that support your ways of thinking about the world?

  • Feel so fed up with the monotony of life and dream of a life with more ease?

  • Have ambitions and dreams that feel like are at the end of a never ending 'to do' list that you never reach and want the confidence and drive to prioritise these things.

The Holistic Health Circle

Picture this......

healthy start holistic health collective
  • You have full trust that the universe is working for you, even life's challenges flow with grace and ease

  • You’ve nailed your morning routine to work for you and the different stages of your menstrual cycle

  • You see the blessings all around you and feel truly grateful for another day on this earth

  • You use daily tools that manage your stress levels so you handle life's events with confidence

  • Your meal planner is up on your wall and you grab delicious power smoothie before you switch into work mode

  • As you track the moon and her cycles, you know tonight is the full moon and you have your soul sister circle to look forward to. This is a safe space to work through resistance and blocks

  • You prioritise your health and wellbeing and this ripples out to your family and friends

  • You know your body is a temple so you create simple, daily self care rituals like a magnesium rich bath when you can’t sleep

  • You know this is how life is meant to feel, in alignment, liberated and free from the fears that used to hold you back

online cacao holistic health collective

The Holistic Health Circle is our online membership for Women

If you are ready to explore a deep healing journey to align both your physical and spiritual self.

You may have tried it or at least been aware of yoga, meditation, inner child work, moon ceremonies but you haven't got consistent yet.

You want to transform your old habits into new routines and rituals that support you each day in creating a conscious life.

You don't need to feel alone when doing 'this work' join our supportive community of like minded soul sisters.

Not ready to join the circle yet but you're intrigued?

Grab our free ' the moon and your emotions' training here

The circle is for you if......

womens circle holistic health collective
  • You’re fed up of seeing your loved ones struggle with their health and you desperate to find another way and set a beautiful example

  • You have incredible goals and visions for your life but never have the time or energy to quite manifest them into reality

  • You are realising you always come last in the long list of ‘to do’s and you want to rewrite this story

  • You have been walking into wind and want to find the easy way of doing things

  • You would love natural solutions to everyday health niggles like headaches, PMS and sleepless nights

  • You realise that everything is energy and you have so many questions you wish you had a mentor or guide to answer them

  • Your spiritual curiosity is growing and you are ready to step into the magic instead of watching from afar

The Holistic Health Circle includes all the tools you need to transform your life


Monthly online membership for women who want to consciously create a healthy life

Kind words from members

I have a completely different mindset to daily exercise, supplements, food choices and how I treat myself. I’ve recently started to explore some very deep rooted issues which I don’t think I would have ever addressed had I not found this group.

I didn’t expect the moon ceremonies to be like they are and I love them. I also didn’t expect the spirituality video to make me think as deeply as it did. After the video, I started to experience more positive feelings upon waking in the morning. I’ve been a lot calmer and I’m also feeling more positive in life generally.

So Its a fresh new month and I'm just deep in thought about things, thought I'd share. Some of you might remember that I have been struggling with my weight. And it's been upsetting me as I'm getting married this year and want to feel myself again. Well, in January Hannah gave me some advice that I have followed and stuck to. And I have in 8 weeks managed to loose 11lbs. So I'm definitely going to keep it up now. Also I came across my vision board that i had forgotten about and realised that I absolutely have achieved or am in the process of achieving every single one!! Absolutely amazed. I've not attended all but doing just some of the awareness classes I've really opened my mind up to things being possible that I would have just seen as unachievable dreams previously. I've stopped making excuses and am now making so many positive things happen for me even if the process is difficult. Our house is finally getting to a good place (currently enduring the removal of miles of woodchip wallpaper ) I've created my own little desk area and started university which I never thought possible and Im also now completely medication free!!!! I absolutely love it. I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to Hannah and Sarah for this amazing group. Self improvement really works when you have the right people to guide you.

I can’t emphasise enough how much I love the health circle, i think I must mention it at least once a day when talking to friends and colleagues. After I finished counselling earlier this year I had come to terms with where I was in my life but I was only really surviving. Since taking the time to invest in my health and working with the group it’s really had such a big impact. I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the circle and for all the advice you have given me over the last 6 months. Thank you so much

It’s lovely to be connected to lots of different people who are open and honest about their challenges. I love the variety of what the circle offers, some weeks I focus more on the nutrition side of things and others it’s been the higher awareness, moon ceremonies etc. I also feel really supported by the group and comfortable to open up which is something I’ve struggled with over the last few years. Finally I’ve made so much progress over the last 6 months being part of the group but I feel there will always be things I can work on and learn. I can’t imagine reaching a point where I don’t feel the value.