Positive Affirmations For Busy Mums

Creating some positivity every day is not always easy to achieve, especially for busy mums. I hope that these simple affirmations, along with ideas on how to begin using affirmations can help you through your day.

Positive Affirmations

Sometimes the hard thing is not just the time, but knowing where to start. The list of daily positive affirmations below are yours to keep, screen shot them, pin them, write them down. Whatever will work for you.

Morning Daily Affirmations

Personally, I like to start my day with some words of positivity.  These daily positive affirmations can really help to start each day with a great mindset. Taking just one of the phrases, you can say it out loud, repeat it in your head, or even pin them up!

Positive Affirmations Through Your Day

You can always use this same phrase or words throughout your day. Pop them into you planner or journal. I know several mums who stick them to their work desk, or computer. Keeping those positive words in front of them throughout their day.


Who Can Use Affirmations?

Wether you are a single mum, working mum or stay at home mum, daily affirmations can be used. You may need different types of words, depending on your situation, or how your day is going.

For single mums, you may have been really hit by the lack of available support over the last year. So perhaps you need to keep a stash of your favourite affirmations nearby, to help you through the day.

For the working mums, maybe you can pin your ‘days’ affirmation on your computer or laptop.

For the stay at home mum, how about you print out your affirmations and put them onto the fridge or find a great affirmation that really resonates with you. Pop it into your diary, or on the family calendar?

You can do what works for you, you just need to be able to access your daily affirmations. For some that will be their phone, or others (like me), love to print off some pretty ones and use them as a clear visual reminder. In fact I pin them to my work board, so that I can look up and see those words during my day.


Affirmations For Mums

You can also print out and keep the affirmations for mums pack.This pack is perfect to keep you staying positive, regardless of what the day may throw at you. For those mama affirmations, these are a great pack. Though I also like the teenager pack too. I know several mums who use this pack for both themselves and their teen.

Sharing those lovely daily affirmations with the whole family!


This daily affirmation pack is suitable for mums, for every situation. You purchase once at just £3.99 and you can use it again and again.

More Daily Affirmation Ideas

If you would like to use affirmations with your kids, then do check out the other blogs.

Using kids affirmations 

Create your own affirmation stones

They both have some great ideas on how you can easily add in daily positive affirmations with your kids at home.


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I hope that these affirmations have given you a really good start on how you can easily add in those all powerful positive words into your very busy day. As always, please do leave a comment below or let me know in the group how you are getting on.

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