100ml organic rose syrup in a glass bottle.

The perfect sweetener in a cup of cacao or other warm drink such as a herbal tea.

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Rose syrup, the perfect sweetener for cacao lovers.
We love rose 🌹 as a heart opener and calmer if feeling over emotional.
Rose is a soft feminine fragrance and delightfully floral taste.
Rose is used commonly to:
* Alleviate depression from shock and grief
* Supports the heart both physically and emotionally
* harmonise the blood and is used to regulate menstrual cycles and blood stagnation
* Alleviates liver stagnation
* Uplifts the mood
This highly aromatic sugar syrup is simple organic rose, sugar and water.
It can also be added to spirits, sodas, cocktails mocktails and herbal teas if you sweeten yours.
For a delightful alcohol free drink, use it in sparkling water to make rose flavoured soda or pour rose syrup into steamed or warm milk (or plant milk) to make an instant rose latte.
100ml of organic syrup.


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