Give the gift of love, pleasure & connection to yourself

Create a heart opening ritual for yourself to treat like the goddess that you truly are.

Give the gift of love, pleasure & connection to yourself (no waiting around for someone else to do it for you)

Create a heart opening ritual for yourself to treat like the goddess that you truly are.


The box includes

Ceremonial Grade Cacao (200 grams)

A heart opening superfood that facilitates inner healing, increases circulation and helps you to lead a life with love.

Cacao Activator (Moon blend) 70g

Sweeten your cup of cacao with a spoonful of organic panels with rose and hibiscus which work in harmony with cacao.

Organic Rose Petals (15 g)

Blend as a tea, add to a goddess bath or sprinkle of top of your cacao to amplify heart opening properties and really feel the power of living with an open heart.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This 15 min guided recording holds space for you to cultivate self compassion

Having self-compassion can  reduce negative emotions toward yourself.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao (200 grams)
Cacao activator (70g)
Organic Rose Petals (15 g)
Loving Kindness Meditation


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We invite you to connect deeply

Open your heart

Love intimately

Lean into pleasure

And celebrate your one truest love….You!

A gift set for self love

Deepen your connection to your own self & allow pleasure & bliss to flow with this self love gift set.

This gift set is filled with:

Ceremonial Grade Cacao 200 g – A fair trade, high-vibe ceremonial grade drinking chocolate, a potent plant medicine for opening your heart & maximising pleasure. Anandamide, the bliss molecule, is found in cacao, which can greatly enhance your mood by increasing the circulation to your pleasure organs increasing feel good serotonin to the brain.

Cacao Activator (moon blend) 70g– Panela (natural sugar), rose and hibiscus the perfect sweetener for cacao lovers.

Our Moon blend, named so as a reflection of that yin, night-time, moon, inward energy is floral and feminine to the palate. Think adult candy added to your cacao or anything else such as a herbal tea such as a Moroccan mint or even home baking.

We love to use rose 🌹 as a heart opener for deep connection. Rose is a soft feminine fragrance and delightfully floral taste.

Rose is used commonly to:
* Alleviate depression from shock and grief
* Supports the heart both physically and emotionally
* Harmonise the blood and is used to regulate menstrual cycles and blood stagnation
* Alleviates liver stagnation
* Uplifts the mood
Hibiscus is packed with antioxidants and fights inflammation.
Organic Rose Petals 15 g- Channel the energy of the goddess with a ritual bath. Prepare for an evening of self love by cleanse your body in a bath filled with organic rose petals. A handful added to the water will add an uplifting floral aroma & begin to channel the energy of love.
You may also wish to add a few petals to adorn your cup of drinking cacao.

Loving Kindness Meditation

15 minutes of bringing compassionate presence to oneself, perfect to use with your cacao.

This meditation allows you to:

Increase overall wellbeing

Boost in feelings of self worth and resistance

Body image acceptance

Helps to reduce anxiety or depression


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