Medicinal mushrooms are macroscopic fungi that has been used for thousands of years as medicine and to treat infection, lung disease and other diseases mainly in Asia.

We have taken 7 different and powerful organic medicinal mushrooms and added them to one superfood blend for your convenience.

The many health benefits range from mushroom to mushroom, meaning you get 7x the benefits with this one blend.

Simply add 1/2-1stp a day to your cacao or tea, coffee, smoothie, soup, stew or stock to easily add natural immune boosting benefits to your day.



We have 7 amazing organic mushrooms in this blend including: 

🍄Reishi – best known for stress relief 

🍄Chaga – best known for boosting immunity 

🍄Shiitake – best known for its support with heart health & anti-inflammatory properties

🍄Maitake – best know for stabilising the mood and blood sugars 

🍄Lions Main – best known for improving depression and anxiety 

🍄Cordyceps – best known for boosting energy 

🍄White Fungus (aka snow fungus)- best known for brain and skin health 

Simply add 1/2-1tsp a day to cacao, coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, stocks or stews and this will work wonders for your immunity, skin and overall health.


Small= 45 grams jar

Medium =85 grams jar

Large = 100 grams refill bag

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