In still beautiful cleansing kit you will receive:

  • White sage to smudge your space
  • Palo Santo to cleanse negative energy
  • Selenite crystal

This is perfect to use before ceremony or after having guests into your home when you want to restore harmony.

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Energetically cleanse your space and invite positive energy in, with this powerful trio.

Kit includes:

– 1 White Sage Wand (approx. 4 inches in length)

– 1 Palo Santo Stick (approx. 4 inches in length)

– 1 Selenite Stick (approx. 2-2.5 inches in length)

– Info card


  • Sage – clears inharmonious vibrations and restores positive energies
  • Palo Santo – (aka “Holy Wood”) purifies air, dispels evil spirits and cleanses negative energy
  • Selenite – clears bad energy, while cleansing and charging other crystal properties around it

Our sage wands and palo Santo sticks are fragrant, burn well and smell fantastic!

All products are ethically sourced


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