Samhain Celebration

What is Samhain?

In the eightfold wheel of the year, 31st Oct-3rd November marks Samhain (pronounced sah-win) in the Celtic/Pagan/Gaelic traditions.
In the current day it’s celebrated as Halloween, All Saints Day (honouring of the saints of the church) and across the world often honoured as Day of the Dead.
That’s because it’s a time to honour the end of a season, it was once the end of the year on 31st Oct (for the Celtics,) and to honour those that we have loved and lost as it’s believed that the veil between this life and the after life is thinner at this time of year.

Nature is our cue.

If we look towards nature we notice a shedding of the leaves, more quiet time, a little more withdrawn, more night and less day and our body is deeply encoded with natures clock.
The benefits are winding down, withdrawing and take care of yourself. Working just as hard as the summer time will eventually cause burnout.
Lean into the beauty of the darker times, with hygge (the Danish word for coziness & contentment), warm cups of cacao, journalling, meditation, autumnal walks, reading and movie nights with those you love.  Whilst wrapped in a warm blanket or a roaring fire and a snuggly pair of socks.

How can you support yourself a this time of year?

As Halloween is the most widely celebrated in the UK, there is certainly no shortage of sugar but too much can lead to disrupted sleep, increased anxiety symptoms and unstable blood sugar levels and eventually weight gain.

We spoke more about this inside our Facebook group, flight fatigue, in this video here.

Ceremonial Cacao

An alternative rich but healthy treat is a cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao where you can control your sugar (if you need any at all.). This also helps you drop out of your head and connect to your heart where you can connect with deeper emotions that may need releasing.


Creating Sacred Space

The challenge of the season initiated by this night is to simply enter a place of stillness and simply be where you are: not moving forward or backward but simply being utterly present, suspended in the space between past and future.
It is here that we listen to the voices in the crackling fire, rain, and wind. We enter the dark season of the year to dream and remember before we begin to make our return after winter solstice.
We have put together a Hatha Yoga Session and a guided meditation for you to mark this occasion.

Yoga session;

A 40 minute recorded session suitable for all levels. Beginning with guided breathwork and moving through restorative poses. Come & experience the joy of presence with yoga session with Sarah, yoga & breathwork teacher.

Ancestral Healing Meditation;

A 15 minute guided meditation, healing your ancestral lineage.  This will help you clear negative patterns and thoughts that have been passed down from generation to generation and repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.
This meditation will help you to explore, uncover and get to the root cause of pain, suffering and destructive repeating patterns.
Once you have purchased the ritual, you will receive an email with a link to the Yoga and the meditation which will be yours to enjoy in your own time and yours forever.
Purchase yours here to enjoy throughout the 6 week season.

Next Cerebration will be the Winter Solstice or our more widely cerebrated Christmas in the UK.

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