Simple Morning Routine Ideas For Stress Relief

Morning routine

Is your morning time magic, mundane or perhaps manic?

How we start our morning impacts the rest of our day, if we rush, grab a coffee and a bite to eat on the go it can leave our nervous system on high alert from the word go.  


Time for you in the morning may seem a luxury, impossible even but let us share some simple ideas here to get you started.  


We have been heavily influence by the amazing book The Miracle Morning  which we highly recommend to friends, family and our community alike. The writer Hal Elrod shares a routine called SAVERS which stands for:


S – Silence – ie meditating or just sitting enjoying a drink by a sunny window if meditating isn’t your thing but savour the sacred silence.

A – Affirmations – positive affirmations maybe focussing on something you are struggling with, if that’s stress or anxiety you might try ‘I am safe and well in this now moment.’

V – Visualisation – Picture in your mind what you want in your life, magnetise it towards you just how an Olympic athlete imagines winning a race.

E – Exercise – Our bodies need to move and it could just start with movement rather than formal exercise such as a bounce on a rebounder or a walk around the block.

R – Reading – a book, a podcast, an audiobook anything that you enjoy and that helps you GROW.

S – Scribing – aka journalling or free writing, get what is whirling around your head out on paper, make a to do list, plan your day or connect to the divine and ask for answers, whatever helps you most.


Now before you think ‘I don’t have time for that’ let’s break it down.

Personal Practice

A personal practice this morning was:

1/ Read a prayer (2 mins)

2/ Breathwork (3 mins)

3/ Meditate (5 mins)

4/ Movement – which was the 5 Tibetan rites – (5 mins)

That totalled about 15 minutes which could have easily been used instead reading emails, flicking through social or snoozing an alarm.  We know, we have done all of that too.


Journalling and reflecting

So pick what works for you off Hal’s list even if it’s just one, if you are time pressed some mornings. 

We promise you, making time for this will make a HUGE difference to your day.


There is one thing that Hal missed though that makes it even easier!

We are ALL about devotion rather than discipline, so we look for ways to make something so enjoyable that we WANT to do it.


Cacao Ritual

Setting your alarm and knowing that part of your morning practice is to enjoy a gorgeous cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao (aka a hot chocolate.)


Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Cacao helps you to focus, cacao helps you turn your morning time into a ritual and cacao helps you to get out of your mind (and your to do list) and into your heart.  Asking yourself for example ‘what do I really need today?’


Cacao is a daily ritual for us, this morning it was skipped to use it to write this article this afternoon and provide focus and inspiration.   A conscious decision and we love to mix things up to keep things interesting.  


Join The Challenge

To help you explore the wonders of cacao we challenge you to explore 21 days of Ceremonial Grade Cacao.cacao. 


This will encourage you to reduce stimulants such as coffee and tea that can can cause nervous and jittery energy and even normal chocolate that is full of sugar and leads to cravings.  


The cacao and it’s indulgent nature with healthy natural fats and will curb cravings and the natural compounds will help you reduce your stress levels.


During the 21 days you will notice less cravings and when you create the ritual of making and drinking the slowing down will give you time to breathe.  Time to honour more creative downloads, as your mind is not full and time to listen to what your body really needs in the moment.


Find out all you need to know about Ceremonial Grade Cacao here.



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