Spring nutrition to stay healthy

Spring Nutrition for vibrant health

How to soothe allergies calm anger this season.

In this blog, nutrition expert Hannah Carr & Yoga teacher Sarah King will explain how you can use nutrition and seasonal living to support your health during Spring, through the teachings of holistic health and seasonal living.

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What health challenges may occur in Spring?

 Spring is often about stripping back, and Autumn is about adding on.Wardrobes are purged as it warms up and stocked again by September.

It’s the time for birth, growth and rejuvenation. It’s a beautiful season to begin new projects and be active and free in your movements. However, if you find yourself or a loved one suffering some of the health challenges such as;

  • Headaches and migraines 
  • Seasonal allergies 
  • Eye problems such as stye’s, conjunctivitis or dark circles
  • Low energy 
  • Poor better 
  • Anger and irritation
  • Hormonal imbalance

Then your energy may be depleted as your body tries to heal and come back to homeostasis ( a balanced state)

Take some time and think whether anything is coming up repeatedly or just this season of Spring  – it might be one of the above, or perhaps your health has gone a little downhill with something else. But if the answer is yes, there is something, then we want to draw your attention to one thing – is this happening to you every single Spring? 

Whilst we are in the season of Spring, traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that this is related to the gallbladder, the liver, the eyes. So, when we hear that people are finding challenges in their health during Spring based around these areas, it doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise! 

Supporting your body with nutrition in Spring

Liver and gallbladder are the organs associated with Spring in TCM & Naturopathic medicine.

They play an important role in helping you to break down food and convert it into energy so you use the nutrients for energy and vibrant health.

You can look to change your diet and support your gallbladder and liver by adding in sour foods, some raw foods.
Ease off the alcohol and add in some drinks that support cleansing such as lemon water or dandelion coffee. Cook foods for less time and eat a little lighter as the weather gets warmer.
Diets move towards the lighter and healthier food, Spring cleaning your pantry whereas Autumn is about stocking up and eating more comfort foods.
Make a note of the foods in season and begin to add them to your shopping list. Notice the goods are full of water so help to hydrate you. This is vital in flushing toxins from the liver and avoiding allergies.


Although we may be taught that a rainbow of foods is best for us, traditional Chinese medicine says that you don’t need to eat them throughout a day, but you eat them throughout the year. So, in Spring you are focusing on green foods – not solely green foods, but make sure you’re getting an abundance of these because they are supporting the gallbladder & liver at this particular time of year, helping you to avoid digestion or allergic related symptoms and illness. 


Feeling irritated or angry? Your liver may be struggling in Spring.

In TCM & Naturopathic medicine, the liver processes the emotions of anger, resentment, irritability, compassion and kindness. 
Your liver also helps the body to get rid of waste. Waste products which are not excreted by your kidneys are removed from the blood by the liver.
The organ helps to detoxify your body and it’s ready to let go of stagnant energy accumulated during Winter. As you get older and the liver has accumulated toxins over the years, it can be useful give your liver a little helping hand in removing toxins.

Spring health techniques to support your mind & emotions

A liver cleanse can make a big difference in reducing allergies and calming emotions like anger & resentment.

When you feel angry or irritated you are more likely to make negative choices about food and diet that are not as beneficial for your health.

You may also find friction between you and a loved one that causes you to snap and feel you are on a short fuse. A cleanse can help your overburdened liver to let go of resentment and toxicity that may be influencing your mood.

It’s a  naturopathic technique that’s been used for centuries to support your body to detox and you can do this with a castor oil pack.

We go through this process on our 12 week Exhausted to Energised programme BUT if you are ready to feel optimal health this Spring time, we are also supporting our 5 Day Spring Cleanse members through techniques like the liver cleanse right now.

🐇Now is the ideal time to try this technique out as you can go into deep cleansing which means your body is healthier, you can access the emotions of compassion and kindness more easily and use your energy for enjoyable Springtime pursuits like picnics, camping trips and nature walks.

The 5 Day Spring Cleanse also includes

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Wishing you all the very best of health this Spring

Hannah & Sarah

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