Summer solstice – Spiritual Celebration.

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A weekend away celebrating the summer solstice gifted a real moment remembering the healing power of nature when it comes it comes to your health.  Be that your mental health, your heart, fear, pain or any other aspect of your wellbeing.


Here was the stunning view where we had that remembering on the summer solstice.


The Tor, Glastonbury

On returning from the MOST healing weekend away, we received messages from some of the member of our online membership The Holistic Health Circle.

Messages of struggles, of impatience, overwhelm and not knowing how  long things can continue like this.

We feel your pain, we have been there and we witness your struggles.

We also know that life can be so much more simple, where you literally feel the blessings every day.  One of the ways is to connect to life cyclical nature, the seasons, the moon phases, the equinoxes and solstices.

Let’s beginning with the Summer solstice that is on or around 21st June.  It’s the longest day where we get between 16-18 hours of light.

It’s the portal to summer when energy is BIG.

To feel balanced leading up to this day it can really help to cleanse the body in a way that works for you. 

Maybe that’s eating raw, check out our reels on Instagram for recipe inspiration.  It could be that you are ready for a juice cleanse or perhaps simply cutting out stimulants like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol to give your body a break.

Clear your diary for the day and connect with the element of fire which we are moving into.  That might be lighting a fire, having a BBQ, enjoying a candlelit meditation or stoking your inner fire with something pleasurable and enjoyable.  Do you love to sing, dance, paint, sail, read, garden, hike or something else?

On the Solstice this year we escaped to Glastonbury the heart of  spirituality and considered the oldest religious site in the UK and where the solstice in celebrated in a big way.  As you cross paths with locals and visitors you will find them wishing you a Happy Solstice, much like you may wish someone a Happy Christmas. 

It was such a fantastic energy filled with much light and love.

Here are a few photos.

chalice well gardens, red river

Chalice well gardens, Red Spring

Chalice well gardens

The Tor, Glastonbury

We really found that connecting with like minded women was so nourishing for the soul.  We took time to meditate, connect with nature, move our bodies, listen to each others stories and receive healings from local therapists.

Soul Sister’s

If you can’t organise a trip away though don’t let that stop you celebrating.

We have a whole online Summer solstice retreat available for just £20. 

So in the most affordable way you can create your own retreat at home.  That maybe on the Solstice itself or in the weeks following.  You could choose to break the sessions down and enjoy them over a few evenings or open gaps in your diary.

The summer solstice online retreat includes:

A yoga session that is a heart opening sequence to match the enjoy of the fire element.

A breath work class to calm the mind and relax the body.

Summer nutrition session that explains all of the foods that will support you for the season.

An online foraging session explains whats in season that you can collect from your local area and  what you can make from this easily.

A love and abundance meditation to connect to the organs of the season with a willingness to ope and receive MORE love in your life.

Purchase all 5 sessions here for just £20

We recommend meeting up with a girlfriend, neighbour, sister, mother or anyone who would love to celebrate with you and sharing this gift of self care and slowing down.  Guys are allowed too, of course,  so feel free to practice with a partner, brother or friend.

Check out the dates for the rest of the year, the autumn equinox is on or around 21st Sept and the winter solstice is on or around 21st December.  Mark some chill out time and fiercely protect that to make sure you are looking after yourself at these special times.

It’s a beautiful practice to honour mother earth by leaving her an offering.  In the shamanic practice they offer cornflour or tobacco but you may choose to offer water, flowers, something homemade or simply your own gratitude and blessings. 

We encourage you to start connecting with these scared changes in the seasons and notice the changes to your own life when you do so.


Love and blessings 


Hannah and Sarah x

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