Supercharge your self worth with Late Summer Self Care

Supercharge Your Self Worth with Late Summer Self Care

How to optimise digestive health and boost your immune system and take care of your needs so that you feel nourished, not depleted.

In this blog, seasonal living Sisters Hannah Carr & Sarah King will explain how you can use nutrition and seasonal living to support your health during Late Summer, through the teachings of natural health, Yoga and nutrition.

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What health challenges may occur in Late Summer?

Late Summer is my favourite season. The light changes from bright to warm, the morning air has a slightly cooler feel to it and the feeling that Summer is drawing to a close is more noticeable. The impermanence of the seasons is a great reminder to be present to the gifts of each season as they last a short while.
The 6 week season from mid August until Autumn Equinox (around 21st September) where the stimulating energy of high Summer drops just a little before we turn the corner into Autumn.
A chance to tweak our self care practices to avoid illnesses that often come during Autumn.

This short 6 week season is super important to balance before we get into Autumn and the metal element when colds, flu’s and viruses can be very common.

Late Summer is ruled by the Earth element which is all about relationship to Mother and how you Mother yourself.

So if you find yourself:

👉 over giving to others & spreading yourself thin

👉 under giving to yourself

👉 having an imbalance in the stomach like poor digestion

👉 suffering from cold hands or feet

👉 feeling weakness or fatigue

👉 experiencing an imbalance in the thyroid

👉 having excess menstrual blood flow

👉 worrying a lot

You may also experience nausea, stomach flu, IBS, weight gain, blood sugar disorders, or low energy.



Use this 6 week window to refine your self-care practices, make some adjustments to your diet and practice some nourishing Yoga poses to support the Earth element.


Supporting your body with nutrition in Late Summer

The Stomach and Spleen resonate with Late Summer’s energetic vibration in traditional Chinese medicine.

If these organs is low on energy then illness may arise.

The stomach is obviously important in helping digestion and distribution of food and nutrients to all areas of the body. The energy derived from this process provides immunity, warmth, builds tissue and drives mental activity. The stomach is your emotional centre, related to self-worth and self-esteem, so make sure you nourish  your stomach and in doing so  feel better about yourself.

The spleen filters your blood and one of the main organs of your immune system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed to be the invigorator, lifting our energy and spirit, affecting our mood and health.

You can look to change your diet and support your spleen and stomach by adding in yellow foods which are rich in vitamin C and E that will boost your immune system ready to face the cooler months as your best.
Fill your pantry and plate with vitamin rich seasonal foods such as corn, squash, yellow peppers, yellow potatoes, pumpkin, yellow beans, yellow beets and fruits like apricots, nectarines, plums, lemons and melons.
Make a note of the foods in season and begin to add them to your shopping list. These foods should feel nourishing and grounding helping to support the feeling of caring for yourself and a warming feeling after the raw foods of Summer.
As we move away from the heat of the summer our metabolic processes start to slow down. Now is the time to transition away from cold, raw foods, juices, salads and ice-cream to warming, cooked foods like soups and broths, which support the digestion better. Start to include more protein as seeds, nuts, beans, a little meat and whole grains to help build energy at this time of the year.


Although we may be taught that a rainbow of foods is best for us, traditional Chinese medicine says that you don’t need to eat them throughout a day, but you eat them throughout the year. So, in Late Summer you are focusing on yellow foods – not solely yellow foods, but make sure you’re getting an abundance of these because they are supporting the spleen and stomach at this particular time of year, helping you to avoid poor digestion, low immunity and low energy.

Naturopathic Nutritionist Hannah has recorded a seasonal eating workshop. You can watch the replay for free inside our membership The Holistic Health Circle. Sign up here.


Feeling low in self worth? Your digestive system may be struggling in Late Summer.

In TCM & Naturopathic medicine, the stomach processes the emotions of self worth and self esteem. Your stomach is your emotional centre and is linked to how vulnerable or confident/ powerful you feel.
During Late Summer, feelings of sympathy, worry, and nostalgia can manifest into over-thinking and anxiety. This is an ideal time for centering, simplicity, and quiet reflection. Practice optimism, positivity, and letting go during these months.
Journal on what signs or symptoms may be showing up for you as an imbalance and write down how you can support and nourish yourself using some of the suggestions in this blog.

Late Summer health techniques to support your body and mind.

Exercise at this time of year should be slightly less energetic than full summer, concentrate on building muscle tone, core stability and balance. Strengthen your legs which are your support and connection to the earth.

It is important to keep the blood moving during this time of year, to clear out tendencies toward excessive thinking. Take long walk with friends, get your feet on the soil or sand or take a swim which is great for your immune system.


This is the time to start to deepen your Yoga Practice. Sarah has recorded a late Summer Yoga Session which is available inside our wellness membership The Holistic Health Circle. You can enjoy the session for free here 


The right level of intensity in postures and sequence will allow you to release stored emotions, while strengthening the subtle energies that dictate your metabolic processes.

We are also hosting a special event to support your wellbeing.


The Late Summer Wellness Evening includes:

Wishing you all the very best of health this Late Summer

Hannah & Sarah

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