The life changing magic of cycle tracking


The life changing magic of cycle tracking


And why every women needs to know this.


Afterall, its the 5th vital sign for those of you that bleed but sadly it’s seen as an inconvenience or weakness.

Everyone who menstruates- you need to know your flow.

And for those of you who do not, how to connect with the phases of the moon to optimize your energy, emotions and time.

Living out of the rhythm of the natural flow of your cycle can leave you feeling out of harmony with your body.

The following symptoms are sadly seen as ‘normal’ for a women that have a menstrual cycle;

Tender breasts

Irregular bleeding

IBS type issues

Heavy flow





Mood swings

Low energy & libido

Fertility issues


You don’t have to be in pain.

The truth is these are not natural symptoms of a cycle if we are living in balance & flow but have wrongly been labelled as normal.

So month after month, you put up & live with the difficulties. You take a painkiller and try to carry on as if all was normal. Not wanting to be a burden to anyone.

But the long term effect of ignoring your cycle symptoms can be more damaging.

Low energy, exhaustion & killer cramps don’t create ideal work conditions. Focus & concentration can be affected but usually we push through not taking a sick day as needed. This can lead to exhaustion & burn out.

It’s hard to show up as our best self in relationships  if we are suffering in our cycle. We may be quicker to lose our temper or feel empathetic to others if we are in pain ourselves. Even the choices of socializing, what we wear and how we travel can be affected.

When you experience any of the pms symptoms, this is the body’s way of signaling  your are out of sync. Something needs adapting so that you can feel more in flow.

A flow state creates ease & joy!


Why are we experiencing these symptoms?


We all have an natural internal clock called the Circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms affect your sleep patterns as well as other ways your body works, like your hormones, body temperature, and eating habits. When they get out of sync, they might also cause problems with your health.


Life is set up for men & women to operate on a 24 hour body clock system aka Circadian cycle. Wake up in the morning, eat, work, exercise, socialise, sleep.

Circadian cycles sync with the Sun. The Sun represents masculine energy – activity, achieving and goal oriented.

Women have an additional clock called the Infradian cycle. This is an internal clock that is longer than 24 hours so in the case of an average menstrual cycle around 28 days ( we use this loosely as we know it can range a lot outside of the average).

Infradian rhythms sync with the Moon. The Moon energy represents feminine energy – intuition, rest and creativity.




If we continue to live only by the Circadian cycle womens biological needs can not be met. It doesn’t allow for the peaks & troughs a women experiences throughout the month with their hormones.


Women need to balance their health by acknowledging  Infradian cycles & adapting their lifestyle & self care to harness the natural flow.


Create cycle awareness with tracking.

All change starts with awareness. The best way to become familiar with your cycle is to track.

Tracking your menstrual cycle simply means keeping a record of when you’re menstruating and documenting other information related to your cycle. You might like to do this simply, to with a calendar and pen, but now many great period-tracking apps make the job easy.

I use Clue. We also love Period Pal, an ethical app that doesn’t sell your data on to medical companies. 

The length of your cycle is measured from that day to the first day of your next period. For most women, the average cycle is 28 days, although anything from 21 to 35 days is considered normal in adult women. 

When you start to track you can build a picture of patterns and predictions for how you feel at different stages of the month. It allows you to understand your self & what your needs are.

From here, you can create changes that support you to feel your best.


Not bleeding? – flow the moon cycle.

The moons cycles around the Earth every 29.5 days. An average menstrual cycle is between 28-30 days. We have four phases that gently blend into one another just as earth’s seasons do. 

If your internal cycle is irregular or has come to completion or not yet started, you can track the phases of the moon

What are the 4 stages?

New Moon – associated with Winter/ Ovulation phase

Waxing phase – associated with Spring/ Luteal phase

Full Moon – associated with Summer / Menstruation phase

Waning Phase – associated with Autumn /Follicular phase

New moons are traditionally an inward time of rest & setting new intentions for the cycle ahead. As the moon grows larger in the sky & the energy builds in the waxing phase, this is a time to take action on projects & move forwards.

The full moon is the peak of energy in the cycle and if you are feeling in flow, this is a time of socialising, celebration & maximum output.

As you move into the waning phase, you might become more introverted. Use this time to finish projects, reflect and nurture your needs.


How is this practice life changing?


Being in tune with your body and understanding the different stages of menstruation or the moon can help you navigate your monthly cycle better.

It allows 

Sustained energy

Reduced PMS symptoms

Easier transition into menopause

Other health issues ease

Creativity increased

Mood stabilization


Embrace your cycle. Use the different phases to your advantage.

Tune in to what works for you. Generally it might not be recommended to do your highest energy activities in your Winter faze such as HIIT workout or moving furniture around but if it feels good for you LISTEN in and do what is right.


By celebrating and honouring our natural cycle we teach the next generation of females that we are different to men but equal in our own unique way.


Learn more about how to flow with the moon.

If you would like to find out more about the moon, your energy & emotions we have a free training here .

In the training you will learn how to use the moon to make sense of how you are feeling. Learn the different phases & what actions to take (or not take) in each phase, & learn how to use her cycles to create powerful change and take back control.

Sarah x





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  1. Michelle Dugdale on January 18, 2023 at 11:44 am

    I have always I am controlled by the moon as my sleep,etc go out out of the window during full moons. I would be interested in this free training to further look into this and help my energy and mood.

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