Thoughtful Self Love Gifting

Thoughtful Self Love Gifting

We know Valentines as a day of romance and love, usually celebrated commercially buying a card from the shop, showering our loved ones with presents or maybe cooking a special meal.

Couples themselves may have a love/hate relationship with Valentines after perhaps experiencing a overpriced and packed restaurant or lacklustre bunch of petrol garage flowers.

For some singles Valentines can be an unwelcome reminder of their unfulfilled hopes at that point in time.

All round it can leave us feeling pretty flat!

St Valentines traditionally was a feast day that honoured martyrs and was also a celebration of spring and of fertility.  It’s celebrated in many countries still today, sometime with different dates.

A meaningful Valentines

If you find Valentines a waste of time, lack-lustre or even triggering here’s our tips on bring more meaning to the day.

Focus on self love

Yep, we hear this ALL the time.

But are we actually doing it? What does it even look like?

For us it’s a slowing down to acknowledge, feel and then process emotions.

That could look like a chat with a friend, a journalling session or a simple witnessing of big feelings such as anger, hurt or sadness with an inquisitive mind.

We love to do this with a cup of ceremonial grade cacao because this helps us open our heart due to it’s high levels of theobromine, which is a compound that boosts your mood and phenylethlamine (PEA) which is a chemical that we associate with the feeling of love.

It helps you to create a beautiful sacred ritual of doing the deeper work in a loving way.

Self love gifting

We have created a chocolate explorers box which is perfect for a self love ritual, you receive ceremonial grade cacao.  It also includes some delicious rose syrup to sweeten your naturally bitter cacao, plus some self love herbs that can be drunk as a herbal tea, enjoyed in a goddess bath or used to yoni steam.

Chocolate explorers gift set

Self Love gifting

Give the gift of love, pleasure & connection to yourself this Valentines.

Create a heart opening ritual for yourself to treat like the goddess that you truly are.


The box includes

Ceremonial Grade Cacao (200 grams)

A heart opening superfood that facilitates inner healing, increases circulation and helps you to lead a life with love.

Cacao Activator  – Moon Blend

Sweeten your cup of cacao with a spoonful of organic sugar called Panella from Peru blended with organic rose and hibiscus to give it a feminine sweet touch. The blend helps to awaken the spirit if Mama Cacao and is ideal for the waning phase of your moon cycle or new moon period.

Organic Rose Petals (15 g)

Blend as a tea, add to a goddess bath or sprinkle of top of your cacao to amplify heart opening properties and really feel the power of living with an open heart.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This 15 min guided recording holds space for you to cultivate self compassion

Having self-compassion can  reduce negative emotions toward yourself, including:

  • unworthiness
  • self-doubt
  • judgment
  • anger
  • self criticism

Valentines lovers gift set

It’s chocolate but taken to a whole new level that you can enjoy as a ritual together.

It’s our favourite daily practice whether that’s alone, with friends or at a special time with our lover.

With love from us to you this Valentines.

Hannah & Sarah 

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