What are the benefits of vaginal steaming?

Yoni steam, vaginal steaming

Get the lowdown on ancient healing techniques that can help your menstrual cycle naturally.

We talk about what many may find weird or wonderful healing techniques, such as enema’s, nasal steaming, gua-sha and cleanses with our clients regularly.

Most of these healing techniques are ANCIENT.

They have been around for generations and are practiced all over the world.

In the west though, many of these self care practices have been forgotten or are seen as taboo.

So we see it as part of our job to shine a light on these subjects and share them with the current generation, who can then pass the wisdom down.

By this point you maybe wondering, what is vaginal steaming……

Why the hell would you want to steam your vagina (or your yoni)?

Quick question, why would you want to steam your nasal passage if you had a cold?

You have likely tried this perhaps with some olbas oil in hot water and a towel over your head?

This practice helps to loosen mucus and in turn ease your breathing, which helps with the symptoms of a cold.

So steaming your vagina has a similar effect as it allows the flow of circulation.

This is really important as the free flow of your circulation helps to remove stagnation.

Some signs of stagnation are dark blood, clots and heavy flow.

Reported vaginal steaming benefits include:

  • Regulating cycles 
  • Reducing PMS 
  • Helps pain and cramps 
  • Eliminating clots 
  • Healing scars from surgery or childbirth 
  • Tones and tightens the internal and external skin 
  • Helps cysts or fibroids 
  • Eliminates BV (bacteria vaginosis)
  • Improves bladder control
  • Opens pores to allow the herbals to absorb 
  • Shrinks haemorrhoids

Like all natural and allopathic medicine, you will unlikely see many improvements from one time, sporadic or occasional use.

If you are trying to improve symptoms this is a self care practice you will need to use regularly over 3-6 months.

You would also get best results combining this self care technique with dietary improvements and emotional healing work.  Check out The Holistic Health Circle, our monthly membership for Women for more support in this area including menu plans to balance the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

Why is it also called Yoni steaming?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred temple and refers to your whole reproductive area including your womb, your vagina and your vulva.

Whilst we are talking body parts.  Many are not aware that vagina refers to the internal part of a woman’s reproductive organs and the outside parts that we see is called the vulva.

When you teach your children or use these words yourself, play around with switching the word vagina to vulva instead.  That way we are, at the minimum, using the right words to describe the right parts of our reproductive system.


reproductive system and correct labels

How to steam

You need herbs (see more below), a container and just boiled water.

Essentially you are making a tea so you require about 1 handful of herbs, a bowl for the herbs, which would ideally be glass or stainless steel and the best quality water you can get.  For example, filtered, distilled, bottled or spring water rather than tap water.  

Avoiding plastic bowls, plastic bottled water and tap water will reduce the amount of chemicals that leach into your blood stream when steaming. 

Before you make up your concoction decide on a private time and place to try this the first time.  Make that area comfortable and nice, maybe sip on herbal tea, light incense, get out your crystals, play relaxing music and have a blanket to keep warm.

Then decide HOW you will do it?

Similar to a steam inhalation will you use a bowl but squat over it?

You need to have good flexibility in the hips to do so and strength to hold yourself for 10-20 minutes.

You maybe able to remove the seat of a chair and pop the bowl underneath however, you might find there is too much distance between you and the bowl for the steam to be effective.

You can purchase a yoni sauna or chair, if you are ready to invest and want ultimate comfort.  Have a quick google!

The most affordable and practical option maybe to use a commode/sitz bath this can sit on top of your toilet which means you are comfortable.  If you want to avoid the plastic use, you could still pop your own glass or stainless steel inside to pour your tea into.

Brew your herbs in hot water to make a tea, wave your hand over the steam to check the temperature and when it feels right, sit over your steam for 10-20 minutes. It can help to wrap a towel around you to keep the steam in.

You can steam one per month a few days before your period is due.  Twice per month which would be once following your period (the follicular phase) and once leading up to your period (the luteal phase).  Even once per week.  See how you get on, what feels good, what you can make time for and how chronic your symptoms.

Please read when not to steam below.


A number of different herbs can be used depending on what your aim is.  Yarrow is good for heavy bleeding, chamomile is good for pain and red clover can help to release trapped emotions.

We blend herbs to make the perfect balance for healing with the use of aromatics for an enjoyable ritual that will delight your senses.  These blends can also be drunk as a herbal tea and used in a ritual bath to feel like a goddess.

Yoni steam, vaginal steaming

A Self Love blend is now available in our shop 

This mix has been handed blended using organic herbs that help with self confidence, emotional balance and self acceptance.

When not to steam

It’s important that you don’t steam whilst on your period, when pregnant or if you are having more than one period in a month.

If you want to find out more but are a little unsure to try this without a more guidance, come and join us inside The Holistic Health Circle our supportive community of Women.  We use ancient healing technique like this regularly and can walk you (virtually) through the process and celebrate your health improvements with you.

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