Women's Circle

'Out of all the therapy I've ever had and all the healing modalities I've tried, women's circles have been the most healing for me.....women's circle is for life'.  Nikki

Gatherings of women for women

Our circles are held in Kent where women gather in a sacred and safe space to been seen, witnessed and heard without judgement. It's open to women of all ages.

Aligned with the rhythms of the moon and the natural ebbs and flows that brings, which is intrinsically linked to our emotions.  When we give our emotions a place to be expressed it brings balance to the whole body.

What to expect

Circles are typically 90 minutes long

We always drink ceremonial grade cacao (pure chocolate) to help us open our hearts.

We will provide a space for you to tune back into your own wisdom in meditation.

A chance to share and be heard in a talking circle.

A loving connection to your higher self by trusting oracle cards to give us guidance.

Sometimes we have a ritual such as a full moon fire or a new moon intention setting, we see where the time and the circle takes us and have full trust in that.

Our circles are currently full but please get in contact if you would like to arrange a circle for a private event or would like to enquire as to when there might be space again.

We have online circles every full and new moon inside our women's health membership.

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