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  • Suffer from panic attacks, nervous energy or restlessness?

  • Feel tired from a disrupted night as you can’t stop your mind racing when you should be asleep?

  • Get stuck in a negative thought patterns because you worry about all the things that could go wrong?

  • Make poor food choices because you are busy & stressed but then feel guilty knowing you could do better?

  • Feel alone & overwhelmed trying to cope with your mental wellbeing?

  • Feel that anxiety is keeping you stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits?

  • Overcompensate for your anxiety by overworking, procrastinating or being a perfectionist?

Ready to move from anxious to aligned with your true health?

Join our free workshops series to experience the shifts yourself over 5 days

We have cured our own health challenges & found a place of inner & outer peace using nature and it’s cycles. During the first global lockdown, we were called to work together to support women dealing with the mental & physical pressures. Our Women's health membership was born after Hannah was gifted a vision by Mama Cacao in a ceremony. Together, we married our teachings & opened up our own circle. We share the tools we have used that have successfully impacted the lives of women ready to move away from anxiety & step into a life in harmony.

Introducing The Holistic Health Circle, our online membership for Women who are ready to take responsibility for their health and growth.

We offer guidance, support & structure to build new and enjoyable habits that relieve you from anxiety and allow you shine. You will feel like you are owning life & not just going through the motions using our 5 holistic tools.


Twice weekly yoga classes and monthly workshops to release tension from your body & mind with breathing, movement & meditation.

Feminine Flow Power Yoga

We honour the solar & lunar energy in a live 60 min weekly Hatha yoga session. Hatha literally means ‘sun’ ( Ha) and ‘moon’ (tha) it is a practice that unites the opposite patterns within the nervous system in order to open up the core of the body for our observation.It is an exercise that encourages synchronization with the celestial cycles. It naturally brings the body into alignment with the sun, moon & stars. It’s said these natural cycles promote happier, healthier bodies & natural spiritual awakening.

We centre themes around the sun & moon signs of the season to truly synchronize & heal the body & mind.

Sunday Chill & restore

A 40 minute super relaxing session that works on soothing the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & heal). Using relaxing breathwork, gentle postures & guided meditation to drop you into a state of rest. available live & on replay.

Classes are suitable for complete newbies to yoga & for those with an established practice.

Breath to Balance

The breath is one of the best tools we have to reduce anxiety naturally & shift our state of health. The way we breathe affects every system and function in our body. If your breathing changes, whether consciously or unconsciously, then all these systems will change accordingly.

This means that the way we breathe has a direct effect on our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Therefore, mastering the breath is a major skill that helps us become a healthy, happy, high-performing individual and enhance every aspect of your life.

Feel the tension leave your body & your mind focus within moments in our weekly 15 minute session to focus to optimise your breath with a live or recorded guided session. Sarah leads a weekly recorded guided breathwork or meditation to rewire your nervous system into a state of balance.

Tuned in nutrition

Eating in line with the seasons unifies us with nature and our own natural healing abilities. Hannah,is our naturopathic nutritionist & she leads you through seasonal workshops, monthly meal planning & recipes and a live weekly Q & A session to answer all of your personal health questions.

Return to Rituals - Moon ceremony

If the moon is powerful enough to affect the tides, then it also affects our cellular bodies. Tune in with full and new moon ceremonies that will help you to move past blocks and negativity and work towards the vision of your best self.

We gather in 2 x monthly live ceremonies where we connect with the vision for our lives & release habits, thought’s & patterns that no longer serve us. This is where the powerful mindset shifts happen & huge life realisations!

The ritual’s include a lunar living guide, meditation, mantra’s & affirmations, journalling, an invite to share with the other goddesses in the group and intention setting/fire releasing.

Higher awareness

There is more to life than just going through the daily grind, In our monthly live session we explore connecting with our higher self to tap into our life purpose..

Release fear and worry by connecting with the highest version of you. Our self development workshops include topics such as abundance & manifestation, desire mapping & energy healing, crystal healing, plant medicine.

Soul Sister’s

When you are on the path to improving your health, it can sometimes feel a lonely place to be inside of your family or social circles. Meet non judgemental, like-minded women who are working towards similar goals as you. It feels so supportive we like to call these goddess our soul sisters.


How To Align With Your Health Goals & Get Freedom From Anxiety, Naturally, With Ease

For professional women who are ready to stop feeling stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits and ready to evolve


Quotes from a few members

I have a completely different mindset to daily exercise, supplements, food choices and how I treat myself. I’ve recently started to explore some very deep rooted issues which I don’t think I would have ever addressed had I not found this group.

I didn’t expect the moon ceremonies to be like they are and I love them. I also didn’t expect the spirituality video to make me think as deeply as it did. After the video, I started to experience more positive feelings upon waking in the morning. I’ve been a lot calmer and I’m also feeling more positive in life generally.

So Its a fresh new month and I'm just deep in thought about things, thought I'd share. Some of you might remember that I have been struggling with my weight. And it's been upsetting me as I'm getting married this year and want to feel myself again. Well, in January Hannah gave me some advice that I have followed and stuck to. And I have in 8 weeks managed to loose 11lbs. So I'm definitely going to keep it up now. Also I came across my vision board that i had forgotten about and realised that I absolutely have achieved or am in the process of achieving every single one!! Absolutely amazed. I've not attended all but doing just some of the awareness classes I've really opened my mind up to things being possible that I would have just seen as unachievable dreams previously. I've stopped making excuses and am now making so many positive things happen for me even if the process is difficult. Our house is finally getting to a good place (currently enduring the removal of miles of woodchip wallpaper ) I've created my own little desk area and started university which I never thought possible and Im also now completely medication free!!!! I absolutely love it. I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to Hannah and Sarah for this amazing group. Self improvement really works when you have the right people to guide you.

I can’t emphasise enough how much I love the health circle, i think I must mention it at least once a day when talking to friends and colleagues. After I finished counselling earlier this year I had come to terms with where I was in my life but I was only really surviving. Since taking the time to invest in my health and working with the group it’s really had such a big impact. I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the circle and for all the advice you have given me over the last 6 months. Thank you so much

it’s lovely to be connected to lots of different people who are open and honest about their challenges. I love the variety of what the circle offers, some weeks I focus more on the nutrition side of things and others it’s been the higher awareness, moon ceremonies etc. I also feel really supported by the group and comfortable to open up which is something I’ve struggled with over the last few years. Finally I’ve made so much progress over the last 6 months being part of the group but I feel there will always be things I can work on and learn. I can’t imagine reaching a point where I don’t feel the value.