Cacao – the chocolate plant medicine that get’s you legally high.

The first time I was offered Cacao in a yoga studio I was too scared to drink it!

At the time I suffered from deeply with anxiety & after being told of cacao's psychoactive properties & it's potential to alter my consciousness, it was all a bit much for me. I had visions of myself getting high, tripping out & dancing around the room to a beat no one else could hear but me.

I braved about a quarter of a cup & let the remainder sit in the cup as I was led into a meditation & relaxation.

By the end of the meditation, something unexpected had happened. My body felt super relaxed, my racing mind had slowed down & the energy inside the room was harmonious & very connected.

I felt uplifted & blissful but very much in control. I felt great! 

Cacao then went of my radar until I was re-introduced to it inside a Cacao Ceremony by my medicine teacher.

The ceremony was a space to vision quest together in a divine healing space that encouraged relaxation on a deep level. A space to connect with Mamao Cacao - the spirit of the plant who can offer wisdom & guidance. From then on, I drank this plant medicine on a regular basis & watched as my life began to transform.

So, what is Cacao & why drink it?

This powerful super food is basically unprocessed chocolate enjoyed in the form of a drink that offers a boost of energy without the crash of modern stimulating beverages.

Cacao is the seed/nut of a fruit of an Amazonian tree, is the highest antioxidant food on the PLANET. The last reaminding legal plant medicine (in the UK) which is rich in nutrients that supercharge your health & invite us to evolve our consciousness. 

Oh and small tastes YUMMY! 

Imagine the most incredible luxury piece of chocolate you ever tried 10x.

But the benefit's go way deeper than that.

Cacao contains essential minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E , flavonoids with anti-oxidant properties and neurotransmitters that have everything to do with feeling 'loved up' and 'blissed out' :

  • It's the no 1 source of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, manganese & chromium.

  • Improves cardiovascular health, builds strong bones, is a natural aphrodisiac, elevates your mood and increased longevity.

  • Natural compounds Theobromine and Histamine Arginine (natural Viagra) help the heart and circulation.

  • Endocannabinoid (the body's natural cannabis), Dopamine, Anandamide and Phenylethylamine invoke 'bliss', 'feel good', and 'love' states.

  • Also useful for: circulation, memory, menstrual and menopausal issues, energy, blood pressure, inflammation and pain-relief. I can personally vouch for her effectiveness with menstrual cramps!

  • It is also extremely high in PEA ( love chemical) Theobromine (cardiovascular support) & anandamide (bliss chemical)

    We love to use it for:



    I enjoy a regular cup of cacao to uplevel my health & take advantage of all the nutritional benefits that help me to feel fit, healthy & focused. I really noticed my heart center balancing, being able to connect with compassion & gratitude on a deep level whilst feeling's like anger & pain dissipated.

    But, my favourite was to use it is with a ceremonial dose in ritual to commune with the divine essence of Sacred Cacao so that she really impacts my life

We use only ceremonial grade Cacao in our ceremonies, it's raw, organic and GMO free! No nasties, just pure, organic 100% Cacao.

We offer online & in person Cacao Ceremonies that hold space for you to experience;

Guided meditation to drop you into a Theta state
Embodied movement to integrate the power of cacao into the physical body
Powerful Self Inquiry Journaling for an upward cycle of growth
Breathwork to alter your state
Energy Healing  to open up to higher states of consciousness

Our seasonal ceremonies last for around 60 minutes, offering you a chance to deeply connect with your inner world, make space for wisdom & guidance from the spirit of cacao & welcome any messages from the divine.


Open to all that are curious about doing inner work in a supported way with nature.

So if you are ready to get a little experimental in a safe & gentle way, open your heart & invite this powerful plant into your life. You never know what Mama Cacao has to offer until you fill that cup up & open your heart up.

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