Moon Circles – the secret ceremony to manifest abundance.

For centuries, women have gathered in sacred moon circles to connect with each other & share ancient wisdom about the power of working with the lunar cycles to enhance their lives & manifest abundance.

Do you feel like time is slipping by without you achieving something important or meaningful to you?

As our daily routine takes over our time just going through the motions, you may feel like you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

Enter nature’s reminder to live a more meaningful life….



When my Sister, Hannah first mentioned about starting a Moon Circle, I was curious & intrigued to know more. As a deep lover of nature, I already admired the magnificent beauty of the Moon & her varying phases. You could often find me marvelling at the majesty, staring wide eyes & upwards in awe of a Full Moon.

So, what do we do in a Moon Circle, was the obvious next question? How did I not know about this secret ceremony? We meet up every Full Moon & do some inner work, was the answer.

And off we went. We scheduled out a few hours on the night of the Full Moon each month to get together & hold a moon ceremony.

At first, we were a bit clueless about how to properly perform one, but it was lovely to have an evening a month together with purpose.

We would light some candles, cleanse the space with herbs & fix a warming elixir to set the sacred space. I did some research & found astrologer Yasmin Boland  & her Moonology journal prompts to kick us off with our inner work. In fact, it was a little awkward as we began to ask each other about our feeling’s using journal prompts to look at our shadow side.

The magic began to happen.

After a few months of working with the Full Moon, something special happened. We began to notice a pattern in our behaviors. We would both feel triggered, depleted or highly emotional at this phase of the lunar cycle. Often we would notice aches & pains in our body or arguments within our households.

They say awareness is the key to change & research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively. So with this new sense of awareness of the Full Moon ‘lunatic’ energy happening within & around us, we had the power to affect it.

By starting to synchronise with the moon’s cycles we realised how much we were living a life out of alignment with nature & this was causing us to feel out of balance & unwell. Eating unseasonal food such as tropical fruit smoothies in the middle of Winter, pushing past tiredness when our body was telling us to rest & using technology way past sunset are just a few of the ways we were going against the flow of nature.

By making just a few adjustments at the time of the Full Moon we began to feel more in alignment -such as increasing dosage of sleep mineral magnesium to aid more restful sleep, spending time with other women on Full Moons to balance hormones & doing some emotional processing at a purposeful time.

We saw such shifts in our lives such as better relationships, vibrant health, breaking habits & releasing stored trauma that we soon began to work with the New Moon phase to uplevel our lives further.

After 12 months of working with the Moon, Sarah quit her job in the City and moved to the Coast to retrain as a Yoga Teacher.

Hannah began to heal relationships with her family and found a circle of friends and trained in Shamanic practices.



Here’s more about how you can attune to the moon for a life in flow.

Harness the power of the new moon to manifest a life of abundance.

What’s the New Moon phase good for?

Connecting with this phase of the moon gives us opportunity for intention setting &  manifesting our desires. Think of this phase as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean & start afresh.  The new moon phase of the lunar cycle, is a powerful time for change.

Set aside some time to yourself or with other soul sisters to;

🌕 Set intention for the month ahead. Get intentional about how you are going to achieve your goals for the next cycle
🌕 Meditate to drop you into a theta state that helps with visioning
🌕 Journal- to connect with your purpose, get clarity on your values & core desired feelings
🌕 Go through a gratitude practice to supercharge your manifestations
🌕 Call in abundance with affirmation & mantras

Making space & time for this lunar practice on a regular basis ( i.e every new moon) means living a life you consciously created. A life that you are excited to wake up to!

Harness the power of the Full Moon to let go of hurt, pain or stored emotions that are causing suffering

The Full Moon is a beautiful time to slow down & get connected with your inner Self. During the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle, energy can run quite high, leaving us depleted and with brain fog, if we fail to tune inwards.

Charge up on lunar energy & work with the magic of the Full Moon to move on & let go of any pain.

Take some time to rest, reflect & release

🌕 Make a list of anybody that has hurt you or caused suffering. Meditate then offer them forgiveness to clear your energies of negativity
🌕 Write down any situations, habits or thought patterns that no longer serve you. Burn the list to release the energy & clear the space
🌕 Allow some time for self care practices such as Restorative Yoga, journaling, gratitude practice or a Goddess bath ritual


In The Holistic Health Circle, we offer 2x live & recorded moon ceremonies every month.

Our Soul Sister’s gather every New Moon to take the time to plant the seeds for an exciting future,taking time to manifest their dreams, desires & goals.

Every Full Moon we join in ritual to release energy & negativity that has been building tension & to process emotions. To clear the space which allows us to live a consciously created life.


If you are intrigued to join a ceremony & ready to live a life you are consciously creating, join us for our next Moon Circle here

or Join The Holistic Health Circle where each session is included & you can join the ceremony live or get on replay.

Happy Lunar Living!

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